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New Zealand Politics Daily is taking  a break.

I don’t have the time or inclination to provide the same service of a reasonably comprehensive list of links to news stories and blog posts on issues of the day.

However, I’m willing to start with a few and invite anyone who has read anything I’ve missed to add a link to it in a comment.

I won’t pretend to be balanced – there will be more links to blogs of a bluer hue. Anyone who wants the red and green end of the spectrum better represented is welcome to leave links.

(I do realise I did a Politics Daily post this morning, but think it works better in the afternoon so this is a catch-up for today and tomorrow’s will be about this time).

John Key

John Key – PM to lead Pacific Mission to Samoa, Tonga and Niue

Vernon Small @ Dominion Post – Key gets specific about Pacific


John Armstrong @ NZ Herald – Internet Mana best taken seriously

Christ Trotter @ Bowalley Road – Authoritarian Labour: Why Kelvin Davis Needs To STFU – Right Now!

Chris Keall @ NBR – Cunliffe: no pre-election deals; insider: deals under the radar

TV3 – $3M funding will make votes count – Harre

Tracy Watkins @ Dominion Post –  Internet-Mana creates a crowded Left

John Roughan @ NZ Herald – Oldies after the youth vote

Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – “Mana” Cartoon of the Day – 31 May 2014

Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – The GIMPs revisited – by Curly Sue

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – The ABC faction say no to a Mana-Dotcom alliance

Cameron Slater @ whale Oil – First sign of trouble between Internet and Mana

Cameron Slater @ wahle Oil – What does Labour think of the Internet Mana Party?

Cameron Slater @ whale Oil – Cartoon of the day

Ele Ludemann @ Homepaddock – Too hard, too early

Pete George @ Your NZ – Greed for power versus democracy

Bryce Edwards @ NZ Herald – The Morality of the Dotcom-Harawira-Harré deal

Peter O’Neill @ Timaru Herald – A marriage made in . . . ?

Nelson Mail – Preposterous pairing could be brilliant


Tracy Watkins @ Dominion Post – NZ now the ‘lucky country’

Matthew Hooton @ NBR Cunliffe tries out the politics of hate; the surprising truth about our migrant mix

Michael Cummings @ Manawatu Standard –  Immigration issue fraught with risk

Martin van Beynen @ The Press – Racist rage shakes political landscape


NZ Herald – Fiordland monorail rejection right

Nelson Mail – No surprise monorail plan derailed

Green Party

Isaac Davison @ NZ Herald – Greens focus on teens

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – Greens promising an extra $280 million a year of health spending


Mary Holm @ NZ Herald – Bill English’s balancing act on the level

@ NBR – Government interference: how much it costs

Stephen Mills – The deal with the Conservatives?

Dominion Post – Today in politics

The Nationa @ TV3 –  Lisa Owen interviews Nick Smith

The Nation @ TV3 – Lisa Owen interviews Labour’s Housing spokesman Phil Twyford

Judith Collins – Diverse Bananas, Global Dragons conference

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  1. Great stuff Ele; well done 😀


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