Crowd sourcing Politics Daily

New Zealand Politics Daily is taking  a break.

I don’t have the time or inclination to provide the same service of a reasonably comprehensive list of links to news stories and blog posts on issues of the day.

However, I’m willing to start with a few and invite anyone who has read anything I’ve missed to add a link to it in a comment.

I won’t pretend to be balanced – there will be more links to blogs of a bluer hue. Anyone who wants the red and green end of the spectrum better represented is welcome to leave links.


Dominion Post – Immigrants aren’t scapegoats

Brian Rudman @ the NZ Herald – Cunliffe should leave migrant-bashing to Peters

Peter Dunne – Who is a migrant?

John Armstrong – Cunliffe’s bark more poodle than pit-bull

Internet Mana Party

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – Dotcom spending $4 million to try and change the Government

Claire Trevett @ The NZ Herald – Political prenup as Harawira weds sugar daddy

Claire Trevett @ The NZ Herald – DPM accuses Dotcom of trying to buy influence

Matthew Beveridge – Laila Harre

The Veteran @ No Minister – C’mon National – think laterally

Gravedodger @ No Minister – The Dance Of The Increasingly Desperate

Dominion Post – Marriage unlikely to last

Laura Walters, Stacey Kirk & Michael Fox @ Stuff – Harre confirmed as Internet Party leader

ODT – Marriage of Convenience

Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – Emmerson on hood ornaments

Ele Ludemann @ Homepaddock – Recycled poli to lead IM party

Chris Trotter @ Bowalley Road – Game-Changer: Laila Harre Accepts The Leadership Of The Internet Party.

Danyl Mclauchlan @ Dim Post – Thoughts on Laila Harre and the Internet Party

Danyl Mclauchlan @ Dim Post – All in the game

Patrick Gower –  Hone and Dotcom’s grubby deal

Cameron Slater @ Whaleoil –  Internet Party admits they own Harawira

Tim Watkin @ Pundit – How the path to election victory might go through the Maori seats

Maori Party –   Dotcom minions in Parliament? Not for northern Maori voters

The Civilian – Internet Party warns that new leader Laila Harré has gained ‘a lot of weight’ and is now German


Michael Fox @ the Southland Times – $240 million Fiordland monorail rejected

ODT – Fiordland monorail plan rejected

Today I declined the application by Riverstone Holdings Limited to build and operate a $240 million monorail in Fiordland.


Paid Parental Leave

Simon Wong @ TV3 – Maori Party apologies for parental leave ‘mistake’

Claire Trevett @ The NZ Herald – Maori Party changes vote on paid parental leave bill


David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – Minimum wage incomes

Stephen Stratford @ Quote Unquote – Wintec Press Club: Duncan Garner edition

Parliament Today – Questions & Answers

Cameron Slater @ Whaleoil –  $147,800 plus expenses and she goes to Twitter for advice?

TV3 – Labour reveals Tamaki Makaurau nominations

Taxpayers’ Union – Select Committee backs Taxpayers’ Union call for 10 year passport

Judith Collins – 154 more families to stay safe@home

Matt Nolan @ The Visible Hand – New Zealand’s labour market recovery in ‘ONE CHART’

TV3 – Peters continues to deny misuse of funds

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