Internet Mana merger negates need for Maori seats

The Maori party says the Internet Mana Party merger threatens Maori seats:

The Maori Party believes the Mana Party has “sold out” and its merger with the Internet Party puts all Maori electorate seats at risk. . .

Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says the merger undermines the need and purpose of the seven Maori seats in Parliament.

“The seats were hard fought for and to allow a Maori candidate to stand to drag in someone else from another party who is not Maori and may not have any dreams and aspirations for Maori people in this land or the people of Te Tai Tokerau who believed in that candidate is seriously wrong,” he says.

“There have been attempts in the past for some parties to suggest the time for Maori seats is over and this doesn’t help in any shape or form.”

MP Pita Sharples also questioned the merger and thinks Mr Harawira’s party has sold out on Maori issues.

“It’s supposed to stand for things Maori and what’s Dotcom bringing to Maori?”

The answer to that question is trouble.

The Mana Party will get money from the deal.

That might help a very few of its members but it won’t help Maori.

I don’t think we need Maori seats and both Flavell  and Sharples are right that this deal could be used to argue that.

23 Responses to Internet Mana merger negates need for Maori seats

  1. JC says:

    Maybe Flavell and Sharples should be congratulating Hone.. after all, he won a four way competitive tender against the Greens, NZ1st and Labour for the dosh and internet expertise of KDC.. no mean feat that against the greater resources of the competition.



  2. Kahi says:

    Separate seats “For as long as they wish to retain them” and I wish them retained until parliament disappears.


  3. RBG says:

    “I don’t think we need Maori seats”- yeah, well you are pakeha so it’s not about you.
    And if it’s good enough for National to use the Epsom seat to bring Act into parliament, it’s good enough for Internet Mana to use Te Tai Tokerau. Bit of a double standard for anyone to suggest otherwise.


  4. TraceyS says:

    Wow! Listen to the message you are sending, RBG: if it’s good enough to manipulate the votes of the ‘advantaged’ it’s good enough to manipulate the votes of the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

    I’m sorry, I just cannot agree with you. Pride and identity are at risk here. When you’re disadvantaged these things are your riches.


  5. TraceyS says:

    RBG, don’t you see a bit of a double standard to present as a socialist and then suggest what you have?


  6. homepaddock says:

    RBG – Maori seats are about all of us because they impact us all.

    Whether they benefit Maori is debatable. Tariana Turia said in a discussion on Agenda in 2008:

    “I think what our people are starting to realise though is that when they voted Maori people into Labour they never got a Maori voice, they got a Labour voice and that was the difference, and they’ve only begun to realise it since the Maori Party came into parliament, because it is the first time that they have heard significant Maori issues raised on a daily basis.”

    (The link no longer works, but I had used this quote in a post:


  7. RBG says:

    Wow! what patronising crap TraceyS. Listen to the message you are sending. If it’s good enough for the right wing to play the system, it’s bloody hypocritical of you to express such indignation when the left do the same.
    Pride and identity don’t fill children’s stomachs or treat their ear infections.


  8. RBG says:

    Homepaddock. Yeah, maori got a much better ‘voice’ last night when National cast their proxy votes.


  9. TraceyS says:

    No RBG. But pride and identity allow you to traverse difficulty and come out the other end whole instead of broken.


  10. TraceyS says:

    The difference RBG, since you seem to need it pointed out, is that the advantaged are not hurt by being ‘played’. In fact, they are more likely to be entertained by it. Their riches are tangible and their pride and identity often highly independent of whatever the political parties, or government does.

    The disadvantaged have both less, and more, to lose.


  11. TraceyS says:

    I agree with Homepaddock at 7:11 am.

    Tariana Turia is a gem – unafraid to promote issues of significance to her people while apparently unperturbed by the scoffing of the majority.


  12. RBG says:

    Clearly you don’t understand MMP properly TraceyS. The voters of Te Tai Tokerau are not being ‘played’ or ‘manipulated’. Its the opposite of that. Just like the voters of Epsom their votes will carry more weight than other voters because National ignored the recommendations of the Electoral commission and kept the ‘coat tail’ rule because it suited them. Internet Mana will get extra MPs in parliament IF the voters of Te Tai Tokerau choose Hone. That you interpret that as taking advantage of the poor and dispossed just shows you don’t get it.


  13. Mr E says:

    RBG – Do you like what has transpired?
    Do you like that Kim Dotcom has paid 4 million to join Mana and Harre?

    Do you think that 4 million comes with no strings attached?

    Laila admitted last night – her salary had not been discussed. I wonder if that also means her terms of employment have not been discussed. Perhaps on purpose?

    Are you happy with this deal RBG?


  14. RBG says:

    I am happy that there is more chance that every anti National vote will count in the election.


  15. TraceyS says:

    Be careful what you wish for.


  16. Mr E says:

    RBG – Are you happy with this deal?

    Should I read into your avoidance of the question, that you are not?


  17. RBG says:

    Mr E, don’t make assumptions, this deal means less chance of anti National votes from Internet party supporters being wasted, I am happy about that, so I am happy with the deal. TraceyS tells me to be careful what I wish for. I wish we had a government which took climate change seriously and would actually prepare for a low carbon future. I wish we had a government that didn’t spy on ordinary people who object to coal mining and off shore drilling. I wish we had a government that didn’t demonise solo parents and the punish the chronically ill . For many reasons I really really wish for National to be voted out in September.


  18. TraceyS says:

    Like I said, RGB, be careful what you wish for.

    The grass is not always greener on the other side.


  19. Mr E says:

    You want a low carbon, anti drilling, solo parent, chronically ill supporting government . I can accept that. I’m betting you suffer not seeing your need fulfilled.

    And to achieve your goals that means supporting an Internet Mana party that is paid for by an Convicted criminal who is currently fighting extradition. And not paid for a little – $4M. Meanwhile the new leader makes claims of no sponsor influence but also has no idea of salary or employment conditions.

    Bloggers will know, I nearly always try to temper my views with empathy and consideration for others thoughts and ideas. I try always to do my best

    But not in this case. I’ll not temper my thoughts. I am literally disgusted . As a New Zealnader, what has transpired on the far left, is completely against every fibre of my being. I see it as DISGUSTING political behavior. The worst political behaviour I think I have seen – ever.

    I am picking that some on the left are sitting quitely, unhappy, waiting for the topic to change so they can make some forward movement.

    But not you. Nope, nope nope. You are willing to support what I consider as a seedy, immoral, disgusting arrangement.

    Either you don’t think the same or you are willing to swallow a dirty big rat to see your political outcomes met.

    So tell me? Which are you?


  20. RBG says:

    Mr E, politics appears to be a game involving a hell of a lot of rat swallowing on all sides. I personally consider KDC a dodgy guy and think his reported treatment of employees and contractors inexcusable. However, I expect you are familiar with the concept of my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

    The whole thing is rather distasteful -so was your misrepresentation of organic farming as having a greater carbon footprint than conventional, when you knew damn well there was an NZ study which proved it didn’t. You lied, you never apologised for lying .I was pretty disgusted with that.

    I’m not happy that we have a government that actively supports killing people without trial. That is a crime far more immoral than anything KDC has done.


  21. RBG says:

    TraceyS. I’m prepared to take the chance.
    Your patronising attitude to the disadvantaged in our society is nauseating. You may have grown up in a poor household, but such days are clearly long ago for you. I’m sure you did work hard to get to where you are today (with your multiple mortgages all paid up), but you appear to be a fully paid up member of the right wing establishment these days and you do not seem to have grasped that fact that the trickle down is bullshit.

    The people of Te Tai Tokerau have extra power with their votes this year (and you can blame Judith Collins & National for that, they refused to change the system). Northern Maori are not being manipulated, they don’t have to vote for Hone, they get to choose who to vote for. So wipe away your crocodile tears.


  22. TraceyS says:

    ^ Your comment leaves me believing that you would not respect anyone who has done even moderately well by their own gumption and little else. I know many such people and I love them – warts and all. It’s called acceptance.

    If you’re patronised, nauseated, the internet is a big place…you don’t have to feel like that.


  23. Mr E says:

    Enemy of your enemy is your friend. How very principled you might consider that attitude, I don’t. Swallow as many rats as you want, that is your call, but it certainly wont gain any respect from me.

    Regarding your suggestion I have misrepresented organics, you have missed a substantial blog discussion between Dave and myself. In it, I have quoted the NZ paper you refer to, proving that organic dairy does indeed emit more carbon than conventional on average. By a LOT.
    I can represent that evidence if you like, but you may not like what you hear, and simply find yourself swallowing even more rats.

    Regarding your belief that the trickle down effect does not exist, that is rediculous. Where ever business exists, employment, infrastructure, support systems, secondary business, and taxes exist. Taxes that provide community support. Trickle down RG.

    Successful business are a key part of society. Denying that is blatantly naive in my opinion.


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