Personal and political

That Kim Dotcom doesn’t like Prime Minister John Key should have been obvious to anyone who’s taken even a cursory interest in the news.

But yesterday’s testimony by Rodney MP Mark Mitchell, a witness for the defence in the case against John Banks, shows something beyond dislike that appears to be both personal and political:

Kim Dotcom vowed to “destroy” John Banks and Prime Minister John Key, MP Mark Mitchell has told the High Court in Auckland.

Mitchell, the National MP for Rodney, today gave evidence for the defence at ACT MP Banks’ trial for filing a false electoral return.

Mitchell said he had met Dotcom at a barbecue in his electorate where the internet entrepreneur was “agitated” about the case to extradite Dotcom to the US on criminal copyright charges.

He said Dotcom told him: “I’m going to destroy John Key, I’m going to take down John Banks, I’m going to take down the Government.”

Mitchell’s other evidence was suppressed. . .

Dotcom ought to be very grateful he’s in New Zealand which shows a great deal more respect for the law and democracy than he appears to.

In many other countries that sort of tirade against a Prime Minister and MP would result in a charge of treason and in some they wouldn’t bother with such niceties as a fair trial before reaching a verdict.

11 Responses to Personal and political

  1. Andrei says:

    Mitchell’s other evidence was suppressed. . .

    I wonder why?

    And if it hadn’t been would we have an entirely different view of this matter?

    Evidence selectively reported might be a little one sided – no?

    Not that I particularly care mind you, this is just another circus to distract us from the fact that we do not live in a democracy and it is all just smoke and mirrors.


  2. Dave Kennedy says:

    I wonder if Dotcom is a little cross at having his house raided illegally, having his personal stuff confiscated, his bank account frozen, being thrown on the floor, having his hand stomped on and being shoved into prison? On top of that someone who he donated heaps of money to, who claimed he would help him, denied knowing him. Kim Dotcom may indeed have a case to answer, but I can understand why he may feel a little upset at Mr Banks and the Prime Minister 😉


  3. Ray says:

    So not looking for justice then?
    But revenge.


  4. The Court of Appeal ruled that the raids on Dotcom’s property were NOT illegal Dave.

    Just trying to be helpful mate; I’d hate you to get into trouble for making false statements on the campaign trail.

    Ray is right; this is all about revenge for Banks not having come rushing to Dotcom’s aid whilst he was remanded in custody, even though he was not Dotcom’s electorate MP, and the donation was for Banks’ mayoral campaign, not a parliamentary one.


  5. Andrei says:

    The Court of Appeal ruled that the raids on Dotcom’s property were NOT illegal Dave.

    Well that’s ok then, is it?

    You happy with armed paramilitary raids on private individuals homes at the behest of a foreign power Mr IV2?

    There is something very troublesome about the way people are happy to surrender other people to tyranny provide they are not impacted and the other has been demonized by the powers that be.


  6. RBG says:

    ‘Wouldn’t bother with such niceties as a fair trial before reaching a verdict’. Oh you mean countries like the USA Homepaddock, where they authorise drone strikes to kill people without trial in countries they aren’t even at war with. John Key is comfortable with that.


  7. RBG says:

    Well said Andrei!


  8. Gravedodger says:

    Wasn’t it fortunate indeed RG that only combatants were slaughtered in 9/11, nearly 3000 killed and 6000 maimed and wounded, all in uniform and carrying ordnance, sheesh.

    Collateral damage much.


  9. JC says:

    “John Key is comfortable with that.”

    And so he should be.. 3000 murdered in New York, 50 plus in the UK, 100 mainly Australians in Bali, more in the Spanish attack, similar in the Indian attack and 10 million innocent Muslims in Muslim countries over 30 years by Radical Islamists and terror regimes in the Middle East plus Jews anywhere and everywhere on the Globe.

    Supinely sitting back and waiting for civilian murder/assassination is no longer a policy and its why NZ is required by the UN to implement anti-terrorist legislation and actions to deal with the problem.

    Drone attacks on specific targets are considered a better alternative to invasion and dramatically reduce civilian deaths.. classic insurgency and terror control made possible by new technology.

    Of course its just a drop in the bucket where the West is simply protecting itself but doing little for the 6 million murdered in the Sudan, the 100,000 murdered in Syria and larger numbers in Nigeria.. we will eventually pay for that negligence one day.



  10. Andrei says:

    Drone strikes are terrorism JC – pure and simple, carried out against the poor in third world countries who cannot defend themselves or respond.

    But poor people don’t count, especially when they are sitting on resources that western bankers covet for themselves.

    They just tell us their victims are “terrorists” and we just take them at their word even though they be proven liars.


  11. Andrei says:

    Wasn’t it fortunate indeed RG that only combatants were slaughtered in 9/11, nearly 3000 killed and 6000 maimed and wounded

    A lot of dead since then GD, literally millions in places that had nothing to do with that – the USA is the greatest killing machine this planet has ever seen, often using proxies

    Here’s something you wont see on the news – people attacked in their own homes by artillery – this just happened today, where Hunter Biden, who just happens to be the VP’s son has gas interests (though there is far more to this villainy than that)


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