Sabotaging own candidates

There’s something amiss with Labour’s selection process.

Nominations for the Rangitata seat were opened, closed without anyone applying and re-opened.

Nominations for Invercargill were opened, closed with the previous candidate, and former MP, Lesley Soper applying but reopened when the news the electorate MP, National’s Eric Roy, was retiring. Someone else applied but Soper was selected anyway.

Nominations for Tamaki Makaurau opened some time ago, were held open pending the outcome of TVNZ’s inquiry into Shane Taurima’s use of his work place and resources for political purposes.

Since then the party declined to give Taurima the waiver he needed to get the nomination and now the party is seeking further nominations:

The NZ Council of the Labour Party has resolved to invite further nominations for the Labour candidature in the Tamaki Makaurau seat, with the support of the Tamaki Makaurau Labour Electorate Committee. . .

Further nominations suggests they have already got at least one but, as in Invercargill, aren’t widely enthusiastic about whoever it is.

The seat is held by Pita Sharples who isn’t standing again which, means Labour would have had a better chance of winning it.

However, the Maori Party has already selected its candidate, Rangi McLean, who will have had the best part of a month campaigning before Labour’s candidate is selected.

Once more Labour is giving every appearance of sabotaging its candidate by its inept handling of its selection process.


3 Responses to Sabotaging own candidates

  1. It’s even worse than that Ele. Nominations for TM have closed and reopened several times now, and there is only one constant. Will Flavell was legally nominated before nominations closed the first time, and remains the only legal nomination to date. Why is the Labour Party shafting him?


  2. homepaddock says:

    Good question, I2. So much for using fair and democratic processes.
    “As we know, Labour was very keen on securing a well-known name for the Tāmaki Makaurau electorate.

    However following the statement by Julian Wilcox, the thought is that Labour would not reopen its nomination process but rather continue to confirmation for Will Flavell, the other contender who put his name up alongside Shane Taurima in the first round.

    In the end if Labour decides not to do that, it’s a sure sign to Will Flavell that he does not have the confidence of the party.

    So, as the shine of broadcasting star’s Shane Taurima and Julian Wilcox fades, the question is whether Will Flavell would be their man?

    More importantly, whether the Labour Party’s problems have tarnished its chances?”


  3. Gravedodger says:

    Any relationship between Te Ururoa and Will, Familial connection could be a reason for the problem.


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