What flower are you?

What flower are you?

I’m sometimes a a carnation:

You are uniquely sweet and innocent. You can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Friends and strangers alike can recognize that you are something special.

I hope that’s a garden one that smells spicy and not the hot house variety with no scent.

And sometimes a sunflower:

You are the eternal optimist, always looking up. Nothing can shake your sweet, happy spirit. Friends enjoy your company because they find your joy contagious.

Honesty requires me to admit that while I aspire to both of those, I don’t always achieve them.

One Response to What flower are you?

  1. Gravedodger says:

    A fellow Carnation.
    This wouldn’t load last night.
    Found the Hermit, Royalty question the most difficult as didnt wish to embrace any of the above so chose Royalty as a poorest option reluctantly.
    Fav Flower is definitly a rose, bought 10 whites for a friend who invited us for dinner last week and although totally without scent looked striking and hostess said what a thrill as nobody had given her flowers for so long, dinner and company were first class too.


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