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Virtuecrat –  political figure who preaches his or her own morals as a cultural imperative; a person who is convinced of his or her moral superiority; (also) a politician or other public figure who seeks to promote morality.

6 Responses to Word of the day

  1. Andrei says:

    This word is a sneer of course – a sneer at decency

    Of course how sleazy politicians get treated depends upon who they are

    Len Brown got crucified for his sleaziness, while Don Brash for the most part gets a pass though he is no less sleazy than Len Brown

    And the utterly sleazy Bill Clinton gets treated with honour instead of the utter contempt which he deserves, while the women he exploited suffer scorn and of course John Fitzgerald Kennedy has almost achieved sainthood.

    Morality goes far beyond the sexual aspect of course but most can’t see past that.

    And the whole point of morality from a cultural point of view is not a set of arbitrary rules to restrict peoples pleasure but a set of customs that allow people to live and work together in peace and harmony and for justice and fairness to prevail to the greatest extent possible.

    One of the most striking things I remember was John Howard getting sneered at in Australian papers for holding his wife’s hand during the funeral of a close family friend in a moment of shared grief.

    One of the seminal events that lead me to realize that the modern Western World is not worth anything and the sooner it collapses the better.

    Given Barack Obama is trying to start WW3 we might not have long to wait

  2. RBG says:

    Go look up ‘stranded assets’. The Dunedin council are being financially responsible. Any one got any Kodak shares these days?

  3. TraceyS says:

    I know financially responsible when I see it Ms RG.

    And this is something else.

  4. Bulaman says:

    How are the green’s windflow shares going? Stranded asset?

    Beached as!

  5. Southern says:

    The Dunedin council being fiscally responsible, holy moly try having a look at their financial flop called Delta, what a money pit, not too mention the Chinese garden, the money gobbling stadium, their refusal to back hotel developments, yep, real clever

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