Dead don’t vote

Good grief, this is getting ridiculous.

The National Party is facing more accusations of systematic fundraising like it does with its Cabinet Clubs.
This time it’s through a trust called the National Foundation, which targets large donations from deceased estates.
The party’s home, National House, is the core asset of the foundation.
“The foundation is largely for people who want to give larger amounts, perhaps when they pass away,” says National Party President Peter Goodfellow.
There’s even a sample codicil for wannabe donors to change their wills with ease.
Donations that go into the trust are invested. Profits are spent on the party and campaigning.
National says the donations are declared and within the rules.
The trust was set up last year, so apart from the $2 million National House, the coffers are still relatively dry.

Bequests are a tried and true method for people to help organisations they support.

What’s wrong with a political party doing it?

The Foundation’s not secret, it even has a website.

National can’t be accused of letting these donors influence policy.

Dead people don’t vote.

3 Responses to Dead don’t vote

  1. Andrei says:

    Nothing to stop anyone from leaving some money to Labour or the Greens.

    Actually i thought it was quite common for wills to contain a political bequest

  2. Brown says:

    In the US the dead vote Democrat.

  3. Quintin Hogg says:

    What a non-story.
    My yacht club does this, my rotary club does this, my golf club does this, the SPCA does this… need I say more.

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