Paul Foster-Bell Nat candidate for Wellington Central

National Party members have selected Paul Foster-Bell as their candidate for Wellington Central.

The National Party has announced List MP and former diplomat Paul Foster-Bell will be its candidate for the Wellington Central electorate at the 2014 General Election.

Mr Foster-Bell was selected by a meeting of local party members tonight.

“Paul was an outstanding candidate in 2011 and has made an excellent contribution as a List MP based in Wellington and the Hutt Valley for the past ten months. I congratulate him on his selection,” said Lower North Island Regional Chair Malcolm Plimmer.

Mr Foster-Bell says he is delighted to have been selected again in Wellington Central, and is looking forward to the challenge ahead.

“I’m deeply honoured to be selected as National’s candidate for Wellington Central and look forward to taking National’s positive message to the electorate, seeking to further increase our party vote here in particular,” said Mr Foster-Bell.

“National is delivering real progress for Wellingtonians. I’ve been proud to support the Government’s work to improve our region’s transport networks, fund landmark projects such as the National War Memorial, invest in a cleaner environment, and deliver significant improvements in healthcare and education.                                                                                                                        

“I will be working hard to ensure Wellington Central retains a strong voice in
John Key’s National Party.”

Paul Foster Bell – Biographical Notes

Paul Foster-Bell is currently a National List MP, entering Parliament in 2013 after a distinguished career in foreign affairs. He was promoted to Deputy Chair of the Justice and Electoral Select Committee earlier this year.

Raised on a farm in Northland, Paul was educated at Whangarei Boys’ High School, went on to study archaeology and business at Otago University, and took courses in history at Oxford University.

Paul’s entry into politics followed an exceptional diplomatic career, including roles promoting trade and protecting New Zealand’s national interests as Deputy Head of Mission in Tehran – also accredited to Afghanistan and Pakistan. He served most recently as Deputy Head of Mission and Head of Chancery at the New Zealand Embassy in Riyadh. Paul has also worked on investment, national security, protocol, and Middle East and Africa affairs at MFAT’s head office in Wellington.

Paul was a Young Nat in Dunedin when I was the party’s Otago Electorate chair.

He stood for the party in Dunedin South in 2002.

He is a good example of someone prepared to take on a red seat to help the party then gain work experience before returning to politics.

2 Responses to Paul Foster-Bell Nat candidate for Wellington Central

  1. Andrei says:

    He is though another example of the political/ technocrat class that is dominating our political life and leading to the exclusion of people who actually represent the people.

    A 21st century patrician politician


  2. Neil says:

    I follow US politics closely. I have a copy of Michael Barone’s Directory of 2014 USA politics. It shows that about 70% of representatives have achieved that by being a staffer in Washington or back in their home state where they staff for a retiring representative.
    Good thing or bad ? In moderation good but if widespread I agree with Andrei where the real people are excluded. In the US retiring congressman often tip off their staffers to when they intend to retire and time the announcement close to the deadline. Thus their staffers get an advantage
    Look at the Greens here in NZ where you find most of them have worked off the public teat. They have political elite stamped all over them. How many have ever worked in the private sector ?
    The National Party with its branch structure and larger membership still has that same situation but competitive selections reduce those concerns.


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