Back in black

This Thursday’s Budget will be one that takes us back to the black.

We are locking in the gains of a growing economy.

Our focus has moved from managing our way through a recession, to managing a growing economy. When we talk about the economy, we’re talking about jobs, wages, and the costs people face when raising a family. So it’s hugely important to continue the progress we’re making, with incomes rising faster than the cost of living and thousands of new jobs.

That means:

  • Responsibly managing the Government’s finances
  • Helping business grow and create jobs with our Business Growth Agenda

Budget 2014 will continue this work. It will forecast an economy growing faster than most in the developed world, more jobs and lower unemployment, and wages continuing to rise faster than inflation. . .

This is a significant achievement.

Labour’s last Budget forecast a decade of deficits.

Careful management by National under the very careful stewardship of Finance Minister Bill English has turned that around in spite of the mess Labour left, the global financial crisis, Christchurch earthquakes, droughts and floods.

In doing so, National has continued to look after the most vulnerable people.

In some cases that has meant spending more now to save more in the long term. An example of this is the focus on helping people to help themselves to reduce long term benefit dependency.

It has been a team effort by a Cabinet which is focussed on what matters with the support of a united caucus.
Photo: Positive mood in Cabinet ahead of the Budget on Thursday. The Budget will focus on getting back to surplus, boosting health and education, and helping families.

New Zealand led the world down – going into recession before the GFC as a result of Labour’s mismanagement.

It’s now among those leading the world back up thanks to National’s stewardship.

This gives a very real choice at the election.

We can continue with the centre right, moderate prescription with National building on what’s helping us now and will continue to do so in the future or the radical left LabourGreen which will do more of what hurt us in the past.

2 Responses to Back in black

  1. Andrei says:

    Does “back in black” mean that we will spend less than we earn = Good

    Or does it mean that we will be out of debt = even better

    I suspect the former is the answer and cynical old me also suspects it wont be achieved and there will be some “unexpected event” that will be used to justify why it didn’t come to pass


  2. Armchair Critic says:

    It means the government spends less than it taxes, Andrei. While National and its supporters will, no doubt, be trumpeting the achievement, truth is it’s the first surplus they’ve run. You’ll note that the quantum of the surplus pales into insignificance when compared to the many tens of billions of dollars National have borrowed while in office.


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