Honesty pays

A cleaner has been rewarded for his honesty:

It was a story of cleaning rags to riches when Chamindu Amarsinghe stumbled upon a fortune in a toilet sanitary bin.

The corporate cleaner was tidying the ground-floor bathroom at a TV company building when he discovered the bin flush with $50 and $100 notes.

“There was too much to count. I thought someone was playing a prank on me. But when I touched the notes … I realised it was real money,” said the Wellington student.

The stunned worker said his first thought was to tell the authorities.

“I just thought, ‘That’s not my money, so I can’t take it away. I don’t know what the hell this money is doing here’.” . .

How good to know that some people still know other people’s money isn’t their own.

The incident happened at Australian TV network Channel Nine’s Docklands building when Mr Amarsinghe was living in Sydney.

He called his supervisor, and before long police and a plumber collected more than A$100,000 ($109,000) from the bathroom – including almost $1300 pulled from the piping.

The stash sent investigators scrambling, but while a man was charged with dealing with the proceeds of crime, no one was convicted.

No one came forward to claim the cash in August 2011. Now, nearly three years later, Mr Amarsinghe has received a phone call to say most of the money is his. “I was speechless,” said Mr Amarsinghe, who is studying IT.

On Tuesday, Melbourne magistrate Michael Smith ruled that the A$81,597 (about $88,200) that spilled onto the tiles in front of the cleaner was his property. The rest will go to the state. . .

This is a refreshing change from stories about people who don’t do the right thing and how lovely that his honesty has been repaid handsomely.


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