Thursday’s quiz

1. Who said: Women’s Liberation is just a lot of foolishness. It’s the men who are discriminated against. They can’t bear children. And no one’s likely to do anything about that. ?

2.  Where was Plunket founded and by whom?

3. It’s too easy  in French, nonna in Italian, abeula in Spanish and kuia in Maori, what is it in English?

4. How many grandchildren does Queen Elizabeth have and what are the names of three of them?

5. Does mother know best?

2 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Andrei says:

    (1) Golda Meir

    (2) Truby King – Karitane?

    (3) Babushka of course 🙂

    (4) I make it five

    (5) Father runs the family, mother runs the home.

    In the 21st century mother runs everything and father whether present or absent provides the substance and if he cannot provide then nanny state does


  2. Andrei says:

    Only I have taken the challenge so far

    Has the theme been inspired by joyful news? Perhaps its to early to publically admit….

    Or perhaps its projection on my part


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