Sunday soapbox

Sunday’s soapbox is yours to use as you will – within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation. You’re welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, amuse, bemuse or simply muse.
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One Response to Sunday soapbox

  1. Andrei says:

    Don’t be fooled, the psychopaths in the American State Department want a war in Europe, and they a creating a war in Europe – a long way from their comfortable homes and the fancy restaurants where they plot their evil schemes over fine lunches that cost more than the people whose blood is being spilled can earn in a month

    What happened in Odessa yesterday is so evocative of WW2 Nazi war crimes that were committed in that part of the world as to be uncanny.

    Most people who live in the West are unaware of this which is why the evil people behind these atrocities can manipulate events to lead everyone into damnation.


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