Rajen Prasad retiring

Labour list MP Rajen Prasad  has announced he’s retiring from politics at the end of this term.

. . . Two other Labour MPs are going – Ross Robertson after serving 26 years in parliament and Shane Jones, who will soon resign from Parliament . . .

That’s three down but still leaves Labour looking old and stale.


13 Responses to Rajen Prasad retiring

  1. pdm says:

    Prasad is the first of the real `deadwood’ though.


  2. RBG says:

    National’s latest example of young blood, as selected with your help Homepaddock, used to help sell an addictive lethal product. Who needs ethics if the price is right? Not National party candidates going by your latest selection. What disdain you show for the people of Clutha Southland.


  3. RBG says:

    Someone who has worked in a white collar job for Phillip Morris can never be trusted to have the welfare of the public as their first priority. Homepaddock chaired the meeting that selected Todd Barclay.


  4. homepaddock says:

    RBG – National Party rules leave voting for candidates entirely up to members in the electorate. I don’t live in Clutha Southland. I chaired the meeting, as regional chair, which gave me a casting vote but it wasn’t needed.

    I had no influence over how the delegates cast their votes – had I tried to tell them what to do I suspect most of them would have done the opposite.

    Every candidate has to earn the trust of the electorate.


  5. Gravedodger says:

    RGB along with other commenters here with seemingly untreatable
    intellect issues will have serious issues understanding your comment Hp.
    You are referring to open democratic principles, almost a foreign language for some.

    How disgusting that someone should work in a legal industry performing legal tasks, for money.
    Compare that to a perennial tit sucker, using a position of influence to destroy savings and investment value, some of which was placed by third parties on behalf, by announcing anti commercial propaganda that influenced the share market.
    Now that is grossly disgusting behavior.


  6. RBG says:

    Gravedodger thinks its better to work for a company selling a product that kills a significant proportion of its clients than to be employed by the state. What a warped world view! That a majority of National party members in Clutha Southland don’t have a problem selecting a candidate that has a background working in the tobacco industry demonstrates how little concern they have for the future wellbeing of their fellow citizens. He can never be trusted, tobacco is (still) legal, but to profit from it is morally wrong and someone who has done so is not fit for public office. That Barclay thought working for Philip Morris was an appropriate start for a career in politics shows he has extremely poor judgement and so do his supporters.


  7. Neil says:

    RBG my only comment is how would you react to a TAB staff member being a candidate. Gambling can be addictive just like smoking.(Hasn’t Labour got a TAB staff member standing in the Wairarapa) or perhaps a Brewery staff member standing as well.
    Perhaps we could say that about other occupations like the armed forces(killing people).
    RBG what you say is silly. I helped select Todd Barclay and what you say is so far wide of the target.)


  8. TraceyS says:

    Plenty of people, especially when they are young, work in jobs that don’t necessarily reflect their personal values. Once employed, you are duty bound to do your best for your employer no mater what their line of business (barring the illegal).

    Many times I’ve had to implement decisions at work that I did not personally agree with. Some of these have had unwelcome, even detrimental, effects on people. But as an employee you are not there to force your values upon your employer.

    There is nothing wrong with accepting work that challenges your belief system, or simply because this is the best work opportunity you can find to learn and gain experience.

    It is disgusting to assume that employee beliefs and values must be synonymous with their employer’s. Not Labour men are you RBG, Judge?


  9. jabba says:

    goodness me .. RGB dislikes people who work for McD’s, KFC, Wendys, Carl Jnrs indeed all those who work for fast food outlets .. I assume that includes those who work in Liquor outlets, TAB/horse racing industry, Lotto shops .. gee, some many lower paid people to dislike .. seek help RGB


  10. RBG says:

    Cigarettes kill the people who use them. Barclay worked in PR for Philip Morris, he’s not some guy from the factory floor trying to feed his family. He was a corporate lobbyist FFS. If he was prepared to take money to work promoting a product he personally didn’t approve of, then it is clear he puts money ahead of ethics, he is not fit for public office. That you lot can’t see the difference between Barclay and someone working at KFC or the TAB shows how far out of wack your own moral compasses are.


  11. jabba says:

    pot kettle


  12. RBG says:

    Jabba. I’m not some ex tobbaco company PR man (or landmine salesman or similar) standing for parliament. ‘Pot kettle’ , really dumb comment


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