Mike Moore resigning

Mike Moore, New Zealand’s ambassador tot he USA is stepping down:

NZ’s premier political weekly Trans-Tasman has revealed Mike Moore, NZ’s ambassador to the US in Washington DC, is to stand down shortly, ending an extraordinary career in political and public life spanning more than 40 years. Moore lives politics and global business. He entered Parliament with the 1972 Norman Kirk Labour Govt and rose through the ranks from back-bencher to cabinet Minister and somewhat-briefly, Prime Minister.

Trans Tasman’s Editors note Moore earned the respect of hard-nosed National Ministers, including John Key and Foreign Minister Murray McCully, who recognised his international reputation and negotiating skills, scarcely acknowledged in NZ, had gained wide respect in world capitals, not least in Washington. Hence his appointment to the NZ Embassy in Observatory Circle in Washington when McCully shrewdly recognised his Labour credentials would add weight to the drive to secure a raft of international trade agreements with a Democratic president in the White House.

Trans Tasman says McCully is considering appointing a career diplomat to succeed Moore, in part because his skill-set is difficult to replace and also because of the constraints of the general election.

Mike Moore gained the title Minister for Lamburgers for his efforts to promote lamb when he was an MP.

He worked hard for free trade as director-general of the World Trade Organisation, earning cross-party admiration for doing so.

He has been our USA ambassador since 2010.

One Response to Mike Moore resigning

  1. Neil says:

    I remember how National MP’s demonised Mike Moore when he first entered parliament as a 23 year old as MP for Eden.He was a dynamic ideas focussed person who was always tipped as being PM material.
    Mike Moore was like a good wine- he improved with age. He came from working class stock, encouraged working class people but was very inspirational. He was what Labour has lost with the latest academic chardonnay socialists like Clark and Cunliffe will never be.
    His efforts as Trade Minister and then head of the WTO were good for New Zealand.
    Mike had health issues which he conquered early in his career.
    He has done much for New Zealand and I wish him all the best for the future


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