Todd Barclay Nat candidate for Clutha Sthlnd

National Party members in Clutha Southland have selected Todd Barclay as their candidate for September’s election.

Todd Barclay was raised in Dipton and Gore, and at just 24 years old has established a strong mix of public and private sector experience in the public relations industry.

Working in Wellington and then Auckland, Todd worked for Bill English and cabinet ministers Hekia Parata and Gerry Brownlee. He left Parliament to work for one of New Zealand’s leading public relations consultancies, before taking on a role as Corporate Affairs Manager for Philip Morris.

Todd went to Gore High School, and studied at Victoria University of Wellington. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Commercial Law.

Clutha Southland is the country’s largest general electorate, covering 38,247 square kilometres.

It has been well served by Bill English who will be standing on the party list only.

He wasn’t much older than Todd when he first entered parliament 24 years ago.

Delegates have chosen a young candidate to succeed him and he will be working hard to not just win the seat, which will get him into parliament, but maximise the party vote which will ensure he’s in a John Key-led government.

19 Responses to Todd Barclay Nat candidate for Clutha Sthlnd

  1. Neil says:

    I was at the selection meeting where Todd’s election was greeted with enthusiasm.
    I watched with pride how all the candidates grew and matured in the contest. Todd will be great, he has youth and intelligence on his side.
    My word, the chair of the process was also quite good.

  2. Southern says:

    make sure mum takes off his nappies and dad drops the trainer wheels.
    I like how you describe his career thus far, then you remember his age and think, oh yeah, I guess he spent about tem minutes in each job. Come on, get us someone with life experience, I thought it was Labours role to stand people who had only ever worked at, uummmm, nothing!

  3. Judge Holden says:

    The child is a career trougher when he’s not being a paid liar for the tobacco industry. Should fit in well with the National Party.

  4. Neil says:

    Entirely predictable that there will be those, who are essentially anti-government, who will be negative in their reactions.
    Remember Southern and Judge Holden that nearly 150 voting delegates selected Todd. Remember, the voting age is now 18, surely there needs to be some representation for younger voters.Remember,Clutha-Southland represents traditional heartland New Zealand. Age wise there were 90 year old delegates and there were 18 year olds.,
    The fact that Todd won the selection early in the piece would indicate a general endorsement. Age is relative – there are 50 year olds who lack maturity. Revitalisation in the political porocess is necessary witness the fact that our once mass membership parties are on the decline. People complain about politics being irrelevant.
    The National process of this important decision was done well, all candidates did well and now we can go ahead with a youthful and intelligent candidate.
    But of course, there will always be people with no knowledge of the true situation opining their incorrect presumptions.

  5. homepaddock says:

    Well said, Neil.

    National is the only party left in New Zealand which can honestly claim wide, grassroots membership.

    It entrusts those members in each electorate to select a candidate – that’s grassroots democracy in action.

    Clutha Southland people have chosen a young candidate who will work hard to earn the support of the wider electorate and bring a younger perspective to parliament.

    Oh, and thanks for the compliment to he chair in the earlier comment.

  6. adamsmith1922 says:

    On the basis of their comments above, I assume Southern and Judge Holden are equally scathing re candidates such as Gareth Hughes, Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkins.

    I seem to remember that Simon Upton was also extremely young when he entered Parliament. So was Tony Ryall.

    Like Ele, I am prepared to trust to the good sense of the voters of the electorate, rather than knee jerk vitriol form the likes of a troll such as Judge Holden.

  7. Judge Holden says:

    It’s not his youth, it’s his experience, the sum total of which amounts to being a beltway trougher and a paid liar for companies that know their products kill the people who use them. Well classy, Nats!

  8. sallyco says:

    How about giving a profile of all of the candidates so that we may see how astute the selection panel was?

  9. homepaddock says:

    Sally – selection is an internal party process. Delegates attended at least one meet the candidates meeting, most went to two or three, some went to them all. Most met the candidates privately, all would have spoken to them on the phone and had written information on them. All were at yesterday’s selection, heard their speeches and answers to questions from the leader and president. Nothing I could tell you could give the full picture on which delegates based their decisions.

  10. Neil says:

    Sallyco has insulted the delegates at the meeting with her presumptious uttering. 150 delegates can hardly be hoodwinked. The process was excellent- one to one meetings,afternoon teas and LOTS of discussion between delegates. The final speeches were excellent.
    Sallyco cv’s are valuable but when you look a person in the eye anmd ask that hard question that’s the clincher. Of course there are people around who are negative about anything that doesn’t meet their standards.
    Todd will be great for Clutha-Southland.

  11. TraceyS says:

    The Labour Party candidate looks like someone trying to make the electorate fit her field of interest.

    Todd looks like a freshly worked field ready to be sown by the electorate.

    No comment on the Green candidate.

  12. sallyco says:

    Wow! My candid question really did hit a raw nerve with Neil.

  13. TraceyS says:

    “How about giving a profile of all of the candidates so that we may see how astute the selection panel was?”

    Don’t you think the unsuccessful candidates are entitled to their privacy, sallyco?

  14. sallyco says:

    Fair point Tracey

  15. Captain Fantastic says:

    The comment by Neil “The fact that Todd won the selection early in the piece would indicate a general endorsement.” tells me that Todd Barclay must have achieved a majority early in the piece. The balance of the candidates must have been found wanting, with a minimal support, largely.
    I’ll be waiting for information from delegates for more accurate inside information in later debriefs.
    I’m glad that Todd is so talented. He will be able hopefully to answer the $64,000 question. Oops, I mean the $60 Billion question.
    How is the $60 Billions borrowed by the national Government going to be repaid? On top of the debt previously run up by equally irresponsible governments. This unbelievably awesome number represents so much work that will have to be done by exporters above and beyond what they need for their businesses, their expenses, their wages, their inputs, their livings, their capital replacement. Etc. etc. $60 Billion represents a lot of unrewarded work…… for some.
    Is Todd up to the question?

  16. Mr E says:

    Captain Fantastic,
    Why don’t you pick up the phone call and ask him?

  17. homepaddock says:

    Captain Fantastic, John Key and Bill English have both said publicly that repaying debt is a priority once there’s a surplus.

    Getting into and staying in surplus will be achieved by the careful management of government spending and policies which promote economic growth.

  18. sue says:

    This young man needs to get proper life experience behind him, as how can a 24 year old possibly help families in his community with problems they may have when he probably has not encountered many hurdles in his own life. Maybe one should be say in their mid thirties before they try to run for this position.

  19. jabba says:

    Sue, are you talking about Todd or the next Labour leader Grant Robertson?

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