How many others feel that way?

Shane Jones said he would have refused to work with the Greens in government:

Mr Jones has gone blue – National Party blue, off to work for the Government, revealing his hatred for Labour’s Green allies is so deep that he could never have worked in a Labour-Green coalition government, which would likely have co-leader Russel Norman as deputy Prime Minister.
“I would not have been able to work under Russel Norman as Deputy Prime Minister,” he says.
“I’m totally disinterested in a political career where there may have been a dim prospect that he would be my chief. It would be a long day in hell before that happens.” . . .
How many others in the Labour caucus feel that way and who could blame them? But the weaker Labour is the more bargaining power the Greens will have.

Mr Jones says going Green is wrecking Labour.

“I’ve never ever subscribed to the notion that the only way Labour would be strong is by ‘greening’ itself, so we are some sort of version of the Tasmanian Green Party. I never agreed with that.”

Back to Jones.

Mr Jones says Labour would never elect him leader, that Labour has gone too left and left him.

“The test over whether brand Labour is a broad church will rest in the breath of the September vote. Lose no sleep over doubting whether that is the truth.”

So it’s goodbye to the man they call Jonesy and haere ra to Mr Jones. He crusies off into the Pacific, but his parting shot could not be clearer.

The once broad church that housed people like him is becoming so increasingly narrow that it risks being punished in the polls.

It is still a long time until election day in which time a lot could change.
But once more the media is focussing on disarray within Labour which will not endear it to voters.

21 Responses to How many others feel that way?

  1. Andrei says:

    The real problem for Labour is that National has usurped that part of the political spectrum that belonged to Labour.

    And Labour’s main base is now found in University Sociology Departments and among school teacher types who wear walk shorts and sandals.


  2. robertguyton says:

    Jones is a spent force now, leaving us Greens free to rampage through the political arena, unfettered.
    Happy days!


  3. Neil says:

    It just amazes me to see Robert’s interpretation of current trends. Of course, the Green view is always correct and the rest of the population are red necks and idiots.
    Surely Robert you can see that NZ is an essentially moderate country which doesn’t want to fly into Green Wonderland. All we want is a good living and a rich family life.
    The Greens have been proved idiotic in Australia but recent news from Germany indicates Green policies have forced energy prices up for all


  4. jabba says:

    Shane is a very wise man .. the greens are pure poison .. we see it here daily


  5. TraceyS says:

    Jabba, the words “rampage through the political arena, unfettered” say it all really don’t they?

    Time soon for New Zealand to decide whether they are happy for ANYONE to do THAT!


  6. robertguyton says:

    Characterizing those who don’t (yet) vote Green as “red necks and idiots” is not very becoming of you, Neil, nor generous in spirit. I think of them as “Green-voters-in-waiting” and will welcome them aboard when the time comes. Your use of the term “Green Wonderland” is intended to be demeaning, I know, and I wonder if you feel it would be fine for me to use “National Party Neo-Lib Fantasy-Land” as a descriptor for what we are presently enduring? You’ll note that I don’t. I wonder too, if you’d be comfortable comparing this Right-wing Government with Right-wing Governments around the world and across time – perhaps Germany or other countries that have suffered under Right-wing regimes – yes? No? It’s all about polite discourse, isn’t it. I’m sure you don’t mean to lace your comments with insults (or do you?) but basic manners don’t hurt anyone, Neil.


  7. Mr E says:

    Rampage unfettered.
    It doesn’t fit all Greens. But I will concede some.
    I do think that legal action against Russell will be ‘fettering’

    How is ‘rampaging’ working for you?
    I graphed the Roy Morgan poll, applied a line of best fit. Did a linear regression. The result indicated down 1.4% since the election.

    Perhaps you are unfettered. I guess that is up to the voters in the end.


  8. robertguyton says:

    “pure poison”

    Hyperbolic wrong-headedness – it’s a curse for some here, eh, jabba.
    Born out of fear, I know, but we’re grown-ups here.
    Aren’t we?


  9. robertguyton says:

    And speaking of hyperbole, Tracey can’t differentiate between that which is used for comedic effect, and that which (as with Jabba) reveals a deep insecurity 🙂


  10. robertguyton says:

    Mr E – you too? Fell for the oldest trick in the book. Funny too, the other person who uses such devices to wind up his opponents…is John Key. Remember “The Devil-Beast”? Remember the throat-slitting in the House? Did you fall all about yourselves decrying that behaviour, tearing your hair and writhing about in a wild fit of anguish? Nope. It’s okay when one of yours does it, admirable even, but when you are on the receiving end, it’s piteous hand-wringing all round.


  11. Mr E says:

    I agreed with you Robert, in part at least.
    You don’t have to back track on that one. Stand your ground.

    Now where is that empty picture frame?


  12. Neil says:

    Robert you reap what you sow. You are sowing dribble and you are reaping approbium. You seem hardened to criticism and viable discussion.
    Talking about German and olther right wing parties is what I would call nonsense. Read comments about Tasmania,Germany etc about what you guys have done. Hitler and Stalin(Left wing) were both disctators.
    I am not going to lower myself any further in responding to your rants.


  13. TraceyS says:

    And Robert doesn’t know the difference between funny and not funny.

    “Rampage” describes your behaviour on this blog. Robert, you deserve nothing more than to be taken literally.


  14. TraceyS says:

    Please don’t give up your day job as a blog toll to become a comedian Robert. I wouldn’t like to see you fail.


  15. TraceyS says:

    ^ *troll*

    (although “toll” is not a bad idea with the number of comments you make)


  16. Mr E says:

    I laugh all the time. Although there is a big difference between laughing with and laughing at.


  17. TraceyS says:

    This blog (including the comments) is entertaining. I would not come here so frequently otherwise. Robert provides a big part of the entertainment and I missed him when he was gone.


  18. robertguyton says:

    I felt your yearning, Tracey and appreciate the encouragement from you and Mr Enonymous. I do try to be entertaining and to bring some levity to your perhaps dour lives. Jabba too, aches when I’m unavailable for comment, as he’s mentioned before.
    I’ll try not to be absent ever again and hope that commitment from me helps you to maintain a happier mien, at least for one day.


  19. TraceyS says:

    Well I hope you behave so as you don’t get banned from here. Clearly it would leave a massive hole in your life if that were to happen. Good on Ele for respecting your need to connect with others.


  20. Mr E says:

    I have laughed AT a lot of things today.


  21. TraceyS says:

    The poor wee dear 🙂


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