Electorate boundaries finalised

Electorate boundaries have been finalised with changes to 46 seats.

The Electoral Act 1993 imposes strict electoral population limits binding on the Commission.  These provide an overall constraint to ensure that there are approximately equal numbers of people in each electorate so that they have equality of representation in Parliament.  All electorates must contain electoral populations varying not more than ±5% from the following quotas which are calculated in accordance with the Act:

  Quota ±5% Allowance
North Island General Electorates 59,731 ±2,986
South Island General Electorates 59,679 ±2,983
Māori Electorates  60,141 ±3,007

There’s an interactive map of old and new boundaries here.

Jadis, guest blogging at Kiwiblog has winners and losers:


, Auckland Central – Having won and held Auckland Central by less than a thousand votes in 08 and 11 Nikki will be overjoyed to see ALL of Grey Lynn move into Mount Albert. . . .

, Christchurch Central – I am really pleased for Nicky as she was gutted when the provisional boundaries came out as they made it a strong red seat. . .

, Hamilton West – Hamilton is unique as it is the only urban centre held by the Nats .  Similar boundaries to the provisionals means that by crossing the river MacIndoe has gained some strong blue areas in a high growth zone.  . .

, Waimakariri – While there are no changes since the provisional Waimakariri is well and truly one of the most marginal seats in the country. . .


Ruth Dyson, Port Hills – Dyson is the biggest loser in this boundary review.  Her majority has been reversed with the Nats stronghold of Halswell moving into the seat, and Anderton’s old stomping ground of Sydenham moving into Christchurch Central. . .

, Hutt South – This is the surprise of the final boundaries.  Mallard has gained all of the  Western Hills (good Nat territory) and lost super red areas of Naenae and Rimutaka. Labour should have been able to stop this occurring but appear to have put up no fight.  Mallard should be furious with his party for failing to keep Hutt South a real red seat. . . .

, Maungakiekie – Labour were grumpy in 2008 when Sam took one of ‘their’ red seats in Maungakiekie, so they will no doubt be pleased that the blue booths have almost all been taken out of Maungakiekie.  Beaumont would be silly to think her win is a foregone conclusion as Sam will throw everything into his beloved electorate and is able to cross party divides for electorate support.  This seat is too close to call.  Another true marginal.

It looks like National has gained more and lost less than Labour which could well end up with fewer electorates than it has now.

Does this mean Labour, having failed to get its dead wood to go voluntarily is prepared to lose seats in the hope of renewal in three year’s time?

Or is it just another sign the party can’t get its act together?


3 Responses to Electorate boundaries finalised

  1. Neil says:

    I hesitate to comment on selections etc however Ele I just find the current Clutha-Southland seat a very poor creation.
    Queenstown is over 3 and a half hours from Waihola at the north end of the electorate and about another three hours from Tuatapere in the south.
    Drivinjg home from Queenstown last Monday evening made me sorry for the MP for C/S.
    Where is the geographic centre of the electorate ? Gore currently but that could change .People in the rural areas of C/S would find themselves excluded by that horrendous trip around Wakatipu.
    Eventually I would like to see a new Tourist/ North Otago based electorate. Irrigation would be of major concerm here. Queenstown,Wanaka,Alexandra,Roxburgh,Milton to Mosgiel,McKenzie Country etc. Population is probably growing in the area.
    I know my proposals wouldn’t have the required population numbers.Possibly it is time for a list mp to come from that important geograhic region. There must be a good candidate for that idea among current candidates whoever they are.

  2. Angry Tory says:

    Good. Now all we need to do is abolish the list seats, go with FPP (with say a $500,000 property qualification) on just the 64 general elections and we could return NZ to democracy.

    Of course, that would give National the 2/3rds majority needed to change the constitution but that is clearly the expressed will of all NZ’s nett taxpayers

  3. RBG says:

    Angry Tory, what do you mean by a $500,000 property qualification? IF you mean that only those whose assets are $500,000 or more would be eligible to vote, how can you call that democracy? Also how have you determined what the ‘express will of all NZ’s nett taxpayers’ is? I’m asking as a nett taxpayer.

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