Word of the day

Jollux – a fat person.

4 Responses to Word of the day

  1. robertguyton says:

    Bill isn’t fat – he’s flat.

    “Labour finance spokesman David Parker said: “Somehow Bill English is presiding over a growing economy but not getting the tax revenue that should be coming with it. He needs to explain himself.”


  2. robertguyton says:

    Siumon Bridges – also flat. Even Whaleoil readers have written him off:

    Dave_1924 • 10 minutes ago

    “Simple Question 1: When you look at and listen to Simon Bridges do you think Leader?
    Simple Question 2: When you listen to Simon Bridges talk does he sound like he knows what his talking about and does that make you feel confident in him?

    If your answer to those two questions is NO. Then you are in the same camp as me – he is not leadership material. He reminds me of a nerdy 3rd former – harsh probably not fair to him but thats the way I view him…”


  3. Bulaman says:

    I prefer gravitatioally enhanced..


  4. fredinthegrass says:

    Hey, Rg. Are you sure you are not talking about “Hey Clint” Hughes?


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