Supersize tax

Ask the Green party a question and what’s the bet, more and higher tax is the answer.

Tools such as taxation, regulation and legislation should be used to help curb the obesity epidemic, Green Party health spokesman Kevin Hague says.

Hague was speaking in New Plymouth last night. Earlier he told the Taranaki Daily News the same tactics used to fight smoking should be used against type-2 diabetes. . .

Taxes work to discourage smoking but people don’t have to smoke.

We all have to eat to live and taxing certain foods might persuade some people from choosing them but it won’t necessarily help them choose something any more nutritious instead.

Photo: The Greens want to impose extra taxes on fast food. What do you think?


12 Responses to Supersize tax

  1. Quintin Hogg says:

    What the greens would give with one hand (the wacky power policy) they take on the other.
    What the greens and labour fail to understand is that the people who they profess to want to “help” are the ones that will suffer most from their policies.
    That is to say the net effect of any tax increase on food/drink will hit the lower income earners.


  2. jabba says:

    the greens would be the tax/levy and spend govt (and I mean extras on top of all the tax’s levies we already have.


  3. Andrei says:

    Kevin Hague thinks he knows how people should live their lives better than they do.

    He also thinks he is very wise.

    He is in fact a silly man who is so out of touch with reality that he thinks a man can marry another man as utterly absurd as that proposition is.

    But he is only a member of Parliament because we have a ridiculous electoral system. the repulsive little man could not even muster up even 5% of the votes in his own electorate


  4. jabba says:

    I think 5% is high for a Green individual .. many would struggle to get high. Mr Guyton almost unseated Bill English once though.


  5. If only I knew – ‘Big Food’ & capitalism causes Type 2 Diabetes and can be cured by taxes!
    Funny thing is I am a type 2 diabetic! And genetics had a huge role in my condition (a gift of my Highland Scots ancestry!). I also have a BMI of 25 (i.e. my correct weight) and I am very fit & active, plus I am now also now insulin dependent.
    So the Green Party is the last thing I would support as I am dependent on the products of science and genetic engineering for my very survival.
    Personal responsibility is a huge factor in managing diabetes as is making healthy food choices but you have to eat and this is where the logic of lets treat sugar like tobacco completely fails. No-one has to smoke but everyone has to eat, sugar in the form of glucose is the fuel that keeps us alive so we need to be very careful in demonising it!. Just like the reclassification of carbon dioxide as a pollutant (when in is a key component in life function) we need to have rational conversations about balance.
    Sadly the Green ideology is punitive and totalitarian, and underwritten by a puritan belief that only ‘correct’ behaviour can be tolerated but sadly their definition of correct is highly debatable.


  6. Southern says:

    Guyton got know where near unseating Bill English, 808 votes vs 20,000, struth man, even Guyton knew he was thrashed


  7. robertguyton says:

    See Jabba! RWNJ’s like Southern have no sense of humour at all!
    You, otoh, have risen in my estimations.
    Southern, lighten up, you over-wrought goose!
    Plus, Bill was on the ropes and it was only my graciousness that allowed him his narrow win. Next time, I’ll not pull my punches…


  8. robertguyton says:

    Andrei calls Kevin Hague a “repulsive little man” but that’ll be because Andrei is a homophobic bigot, I’m guessing. If Hague’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with the issue, Andrei will clarify.


  9. robertguyton says:

    Ele says:
    “Ask the Green party a question and what’s the bet…”

    Can you ask a party a question?
    In any case, ask the Green party a question and what’s the bet…they’ll answer, “Oravida” and “corruption” and “Judith Collins” and “John Key” and “Tim Groser”.

    Too easy today. Even had time to take my grandson for a long walk in the park, shop for wood-working tools and generally enjoy the Southland weather.


  10. robertguyton says:

    If you asked the Green Party a question, they’d say…John Key is a wimp!
    Polity says that too! Talk about synchronicity!

    “Yesterday John Key challenged David Cunliffe to a televised debate on housing. Today, he wimped out.

    This is really odd. Key is one of the best politician-debaters New Zealand has ever seen. He convincingly beat both Helen Clark and Phil Goff. Neither was any slouch. He has all the benefits of incumbency, and would be up against a relatively new Labour leader, who has never done a Prime Ministerial debate, currently working to a July/August timeline for a first debate, not an April timeline.

    Had Key stuck to his offer, the debate would have been his to lose.

    So it speaks volumes about the dreadful state of National’s housing policy, and of housing affordability under National’s watch, that Key is now refusing to front.

    Housing is going to be one of the biggest issues, if not the biggest, in this election campaign. No amount of ducking and diving is going to change that.”


  11. jabba says:

    glad to see you promoting the Labour Party and their leader Mr Guyton, I guess you have forgiven him/them.
    John Key should not debate any subject with Cunliffe just yet. It is important for National that Cunliffe is still the Labour leader at election time.


  12. robertguyton says:

    He will be and he will tie Key up in knots. Can’t wait!
    Thanks for the politeness, jabba. Makes me think better of you.
    I’m not enamoured of the Labour Party or any of their MPs. I’m Green through and through and require higher standards than the Labour Party or the National Party require.


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