Facebook fears, food fads and a furious pear

Discussion with Jim Mora on Critical Mass today was sparked by:

* Here’s what Facebook’s doing to your brain: it’s kind of shocking

* The Most Challenging Dinner Guest Ever: And 5 Delicious Meals To Feed Them (and yes I do understand that allergies aren’t fads, but let’s not the facts get in the way of an alliterative headline) from The Kitchen.Com


* The Furious Pear Pie



One Response to Facebook fears, food fads and a furious pear

  1. Andrei says:

    Tuesday’s Poem temporarily revived

    Dear President Obama!

    I’m a simple Grandma

    From the Black Earth of Voronezh Oblast

    I Want to speak my mind to you.

    Well, dear, let’s not kill,

    Don’t choke on someone else’s blood!

    Our kids are not to blame,

    Its the rich who want war!

    Demons crept in your head,

    “Go and choke those Russians!”

    Obamushka, forgive me,

    But my relatives live in the Crimea!

    How could they not vote otherwise?

    Crimea… it was always Russian!

    You say you’re for democracy,

    But you pal with fascist thugs!

    Be careful with those Banderovtsy…

    I know those mugs well…

    They claim all the villages,

    They don’t hesitate to kill!

    I speak like your own grandma,

    There’s a lot of anger in you, Obamushka!

    I prayed that you’d repent,

    But you wouldn’t, you miserable hustler!

    You promised, I swear,

    So I prayed in the temple of God,

    That you’d die like a dog, you fascist spawn.

    You should’ve reconciled with Volodya! (i.e. Vladimir Putin)

    Come visit me, Obamushka,

    Let me introduce you to our Priest!

    We’ll pray for America together,

    Yes, we’ll enlighten you with holy water!

    I’d make blini for you, dear!

    You shouldn’t bring war to the people!


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