Hard and harder

What’s Dotcom offering the Mana Party?

Well yes, that and money.

But there’s a but about what that would cost:

And there’s some who hold to those principles who would find it even harder to entertain any relationship with Dotcom.

. . . It’s clear how a Mana-Internet Party alliance will benefit Dotcom. His party would have decent shot at a presence in Parliament after September 20, even if it polls well under 5%.

But what’s in it for Mana? In part, money, which can buy profile, and get the party over the 1.5% of the vote mark (which would get the party a second seat in Parliament under MMP’s coat-tail rule). But is that, along with some liberal policies around broadband and surveillance, enough to overcome the cringe factor involved in getting into bed with what one Mana staffer called the ‘Fat rich white pr**k’? . . .

. . . And as the Mana leader admitted on Maori TV’s Native Affairs last week, two of his top lieutenants – John Minto, Annette Sykes – have expressed wariness about Dotcom, while a third, Sue Bradford. is outright hostile. Bradford says she’ll quit the party if there’s a hookup with Dotcom – and she’ll take some of the party’s white liberal faction with her. We’re note talking big numbers here, but the context is to push from 1.08% of the list vote (the mark Mana hit at the 2011 election) to 1.5%.

I can’t see Minto stomaching Dotcom, either. Minto is a true believer who has fought all his life for left wing causes. He’s not going to hold any truck with a fairweather friend who, in recent history, donated $50,000 to John Banks.

And it’s not just principles at stake:

Will she give it up
Harawira can probably live with a few Pakeha defections – he might even make hay from it. But I suspect Annette Sykes’ thinking is starting to crystalise, too.

Certainly, the outspoken Maori sovereignty hardliner is at the sharp end of things. 

On Native Affairs, Harawira refused to say if a shared Mana-Internet Party list would go Mana, Internet Party, Mana, Internet Party, Mana as candidates from both camps were evenly interweaved. 

But that’s the only outcome the Internet Party could be pushing for. And it would mean Sykes – currently number two on Mana’s list – would have to agree to demotion to third to make way for an Internet Party candidate at number two.

Good luck with that one, Kim.

Turning your back on your principles and dropping down the list as well could be harder still.

27 Responses to Hard and harder

  1. JC says:

    But where else can these activists go? They’ve reached the end of the line in politics with Mana.

    I expect Sykes, Minto and Bradford will stay regardless.


  2. robertguyton says:

    Mr Harawira and Mr Dotcom – this is wonderful!

    I am enjoying this gathering of forces very much.

  3. robertguyton says:

    Keeping Stock meanwhile, is trying to smear Kim Dotcom.
    Kim Dotcom made special mention of the disgust he feels at the National Party “Hitler” smears against him.
    Like poking a bear with a stick really.

  4. Andrei says:

    Keeping Stock meanwhile, is trying to smear Kim Dotcom.
    Kim Dotcom made special mention of the disgust he feels at the National Party “Hitler” smears against him.

    It doesn’t help his cause that he is German, owns an autographed copy of “Mein Kampf”, and has been photographed wearing a stahlhelm complete with SS insignia.

    These are things that are likely to lead you into having public relations difficulties, Robert Guyton

  5. jabba says:

    The Greens will be pissed off Herr Dotcrim ignored Russellllll Normans request not to enter politics

  6. TraceyS says:

    Andrei at 4:23 pm – great comment!

  7. TraceyS says:

    Jabba at 4:26 – it’s indicative of Norman’s unrealistic sense of omnipotence that he tried to cage what ardent follower Robert refers to as a “bear”.

  8. JC says:

    “Keeping Stock meanwhile, is trying to smear Kim Dotcom.”

    A fair cop. After all only a former senior Green MP is allowed to say exactly the same thing.


  9. robertguyton says:

    Dotcom is you all skittish with trepidation. Assigning Kim “funny”/demeaning names is a guaranteed sign that you are frightened of him, just as you are frightened of Russel. “Herr”, “Fat German” “Wussel¨ ¨ Gweens” – you people don’t realise how easy you are to read and dismiss.

  10. jabba says:

    “Dotcom is you all skittish with” .. sorry Mr Guyton but I don’t understand

  11. JC says:

    “Dotcom is you all skittish with trepidation.”

    Why? He’s doing a sterling job of splitting the left vote and reducing the influence of the Greens. Thats why Russel was so keen to do a deal with KDC.


  12. robertguyton says:

    So why the fuss?

    Relax. You’ve nothing to worry about.

  13. RBG says:

    TraceyS WTF ‘Norman’s unrealist sense of omnipotence’! How do you figure that?

  14. TraceyS says:

    ^ try getting the quote accurate. Then you might be able to figure it out.

  15. robertguyton says:

    RGB – welcome to Tracey’s World.

  16. RBG says:

    TraceyS. Your full quote….“it’s indicative of Norman’s unrealistic sense of omnipotence that he tried to cage what ardent follower Robert refers to as a “bear”.
    You have said that Norman has a ‘sense of omnipotence’, so how do you figure out he thinks (or senses, realistically or not ) that he is omnipotent? Go on, explain that!

  17. robertguyton says:

    RGB – gird yourself for the disappointment that will follow…

  18. RBG says:

    This TraceyS person looks like they just make stuff up. Like thinking the greens co leader is omnipotent, thats delusional. Their world must be a scary place to be if they think political leaders have powers like that.

  19. RBG says:

    No OK. TraceyS thinks Norman thinks he’s omnipotent, she doesn’t think that he is. She’s delusional because she thinks she’s a mindreader.

  20. TraceyS says:

    Do you enjoy conversing with yourself RGB? I apologise for taking so long to reply that you felt that need. And a friendly warning by the way – any minute now Robert Guyton QC will judge you for not commenting under your own name.

    Now my comment, which you didn’t understand, is not that difficult. Here are some examples of unrealistic omnipotence from the Green Party Agriculture and Rural Affairs Policy:

    “… a pesticide reduction strategy to reduce pesticide use by 50% within five years”

    “…legislation to encourage farm ownership to be held by the farm resident operator…”

    “maximisation of conversion to organic production by encouraging best organic practice”

    “Making aerial spraying a non-complying activity in district and regional plans”

    “…removing the economic barriers that prevent people converting to organic management of their land”

    There are many more, perhaps even better, examples.

  21. TraceyS says:

    Oh the link! – https://www.greens.org.nz/policy/agriculture-and-rural-affairs-policy-towards-sustainability – so you can see it’s not “made up”.

    (well, not strictly true, it was made up by someone – just not me) 🙂

  22. RBG says:

    Those are aspirational goals. Nothing to do with the Norman’s ‘sense of omnipotence’ you mentioned. Now for a really crazy rural aspirational goal, try the expand intensive dairying and expect to clean up rivers at the same time one-thats big with this government. More delusional thinking!

  23. TraceyS says:

    I suggested those policy statements represent an unrealistic view of what can be achieved through power. It would not be hard to go through them one-by-one and say why although there’s no need as I’m sure you can see for yourself. I never said they were delusional. That’s your chosen term and in my view it’s too strong a word. The media reported that Russel Norman asked Kim Dotcom not to form his Internet Party. Why should he not just because Russel asked? Equally, why should farmers do such things as give up certain property rights because the Green Party policy asks them to? The majority won’t – then what?

    There is no reason why new intensive farming can’t be developed, and carefully monitored, in areas where there are no issues with river health. That is not delusional.

  24. robertguyton says:

    “There are many more, perhaps even better, examples.”
    Even better !!!

    Even better than those giant-slayers?

    Good luck, RGB, wrestling with the mercurial TraceyS, for whom logic has little appeal and slighting much.
    But do prepare yourself for inevitable disappointment.

  25. TraceyS says:

    I can assure you Robert that logic appeals to me very much.

    You do not like me very much, this is clear, but that has nothing to do with logic.

  26. RBG says:

    TraceyS . Now you are claiming to be talking about an unrealistic idea of what can be achieved by power, but that wasn’t what I commented on. Nothing to do with logic, you changed the subject. You said Norman has a sense of omnipotence- thats bullshit. Asking someone to do something unlikely doesnt mean you go round with a sense of omnipotence, it was just him asking Dotcom not to waste anti national votes, just looks like you’ve got it in for Norman and you make up stuff about what you think he is like. As for finding some clean lowland rivers left in this country where more intensive dairying can be added- good luck with that one!

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