Word of the day

Advesperate – to draw towards evening, grow dark, become night.

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  1. Andrei says:

    The Hymn that accompanies the Advesperation? of the day.

    It is called “Phos Hilaron” in Greek and is very very old, late 3rd century. And has been sung every day since then, mostly in the monasteries of course but not only in monasteries

    The text is translated

    O Light gladsome of the holy glory of the Immortal Father,
    the Heavenly, the Holy, the Blessed, O Jesus Christ,
    having come upon the setting of the sun, having seen the light of the evening,
    we praise the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit: God.
    Worthy it is at all times to praise Thee in joyful voices,
    O Son of God, Giver of Life, for which the world glorifies Thee.

    Anyway if you are interested I will share some versions – I like non professional choirs so some might be rough in filming but they are the real thing done in a real way rather than “entertainment”

    This is Church Slavonic

  2. Andrei says:

    And here is the original Greek sung in Byzantine Chant

  3. Andrei says:

    And finally the English Anglican Version where it is called O Gladsome Light

  4. Freddy says:

    Andrei…that first clip, Church Slavonic, was just beautiful…thanks for posting..!

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