Which British PM are you?

Which British PM are you?

I’m either Neville Chamberlain or William Pitt the Younger.

4 Responses to Which British PM are you?

  1. Andrei says:

    Well that quizz is obviously BS – it made me David Cameron

    David Cameron?

    A chinless toff who went to a public school, wasn’t it Eton? And a social liberal

    I’m neither a toff nor a public school boy.

    In fact I attended 3 State secondary schools two of which have received bad press over the years as being among roughest in the land – though one has since gone on to become a model of what can be accomplished 🙂

    But not Eton


  2. homepaddock says:

    Of course it’s nonsense and several questions aren’t applicable to NZ. that’s why I categorised it under diversions.


  3. JC says:

    Bill Pitt Jn


  4. Paranormal says:

    Whilst Andrei is not happy I’m extremely pleased to be Robert Peel


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