Republic inevitable – McKinnon

Sir Don McKinnon, former deputy Prime Minister and Commonwealth Secretary General, says it’s inevitable that New Zealand will become a republic.

“I think it’s inevitable. I don’t know when and I’m not going to campaign actively one way or the other. I have a great respect for Her Majesty the Queen. I had so many meetings with her, and I have respect for Prince Charles. We had him here a little over a year ago and he proved very popular with the people. But it’s a debate that will continue, it’s important we have a good debate about this and about the flag.

“I think we have been for a long time, and I’m quite certain the Royal Family understands that completely. Look, 54 countries in the Commonwealth, only 16 are realms, and I can tell you now, one Caribbean publicly and three Caribbean privately are probably going to give up that relationship with the monarchy when the Queen dies. So it is a diminishing group of countries, and the important thing is for us to openly and candidly debate the issue.”

I think he’s right that it’s inevitable but unless there’s a big change of opinion it won’t be happening soon,

Recent polls show no burning desire for change.

I am agnostic on the issue.

I don’t like the idea that someone has power, albeit titular, and prestige through an accident of birth rather than their own efforts.

However, what we have works, is stable and relatively inexpensive.

Sir Don’s comments were made during an interview on Q & A.

2 Responses to Republic inevitable – McKinnon

  1. Captain Fantastic says:

    The Monarchy provides a system that works. Doesn’t need changing, ever. I am very satisfied with the present flag.
    However, the arguments promoting the replacement of the flag are valid when focused on the so-called treaty of Waitangi.
    It is, quite apart from its historical curiosity, largely irrelevant. It is couched in antiquated language that no-one uses today. Hence it has to be reinterpreted. (A danger in itself). It was a deal done by the British Government of the day, to bring some semblance of Law & Order to a lawless outpost. The world that existed when it was signed doesn’t exist. People who were around when it was signed are long gone, dead & buried. As are the succeeding generation or two. When it was signed, people were blown around the world in sailing ships. Aeroplanes couldn’t be envisaged. Or imagined.There has been two global conflagrations. Today, we in NZ all enjoy property rights and equality before the law.
    It is the 21st century for heavens sake. If the Union Flag is irrelevant on NZ’s flag, equally irrelevant is “the treaty”.


  2. Paranormal says:

    For me there’s a simple concept destroys the argument for a NZ republic: Helen Clark for President.


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