Barbara Kuriger Nat candidate for TKC

National party members have selected Barbara Kuriger, who was the inaugural Dairy Women of the Year, as its candidate for Taranaki King Country.

 . . . Mrs Kuriger said she was honoured to receive the nomination to contest the seat.

 “It’s a tremendous privilege to be able to contest the seat for National and for Taranaki – King Country communities,” said Mrs Kuriger.

 “John Key and National are delivering real opportunities for regional New Zealand. I will be working hard to ensure our communities keep a strong voice in National at the election.”

 Barbara is a shareholder and Director of 3 family owned farming businesses.

 Focused succession planning has created the opportunity for Barbara to transition from full time farming to follow her passion for the Agribusiness industry into the roles of governance, coaching, and leadership.

 In 2012 she was awarded the Inaugural Dairy Women of the Year which came with a Fonterra scholarship to participate in the Global Women’s Breakthrough Leadership Program, from which she graduated in September 2013.

Barbara is currently on the Board of Directors for DairyNZ, Dairy Training Limited, Primary ITO, New Zealand Young Farmers, Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, Te Kauta, Venture Taranaki Trust, and the Dairy Women’s Network. She is Chair of the Primary Industries Capability Alliance.

She is highly regarded in the agricultural industry and is seeking more opportunities to collaborate with other industries to promote regional growth. 

Barbara is a sought after speaker for conferences and events both within New Zealand and internationally, and is involved in many community activities. She is also a regular columnist with the NZ Farmers Weekly and does regular opinion pieces on radio.

There’s more on her website.

Rural electorates are supposedly more conservative but members in TKC have, like those in Waitaki (held by Jacqui Dean), Rangitata (Jo Goodhew) and Selwyn (Amy Adams)  in earlier years, selected a woman in a safe blue seat.

Anyone reading her biography will realise that she was chosen on her merits and has the skills and experience to make a positive difference to her electorate, in parliament and for the country.

15 Responses to Barbara Kuriger Nat candidate for TKC

  1. Neil says:

    Mrs Kuriger sounds to be the perfect candidate for Taranaki-King Country. Her farming background is extensive while she has access to board rooms and the media.Good for keeping a balanced gender ratio.
    Different to the Labour where a North Korean attitude of jobs for life permeates-Mallard,Goff and King. No rejuvenation this time means a time when there will be wholesale changes leaving Labour exposed with inexperienced and fruitcake candidates.
    National has a well balanced candidates list with wide representation from the community.


  2. robertguyton says:

    I was tempted to ask, does she have blond hair?
    Then I checked.


  3. @ Robert – and your point is?


  4. robertguyton says:

    It was as I suspected.


  5. jabba says:

    she seems a fine person so well done her .. I’m sure she will be a credit to our parliament


  6. I still don’t understand what you have against women with blonde hair Robert. Ought we not judge people on their achievements, rather than the colour of their hair?


  7. robertguyton says:

    You have created the “you have something against women with blond hair” claim out of thin air (or a darker place) Keeping Stock, the same place you get most of your “understandings” from.
    It’s little wonder you have become so confused and ended up vociferously backing the least-Christ-like people.
    I could help you, you know.


  8. TraceyS says:

    Robert, you are as I suspected. No need to check.


  9. robertguyton says:

    No-one, Tracey, yourself included, has a clue what you are talking about.


  10. Paranormal says:

    RG, in this day & age it seems a woman’s hair colour is as irrelevant as it is transitory. What’s your point?


  11. Neil says:

    Robert it just shows your total shallowness in your political thinking. You latch on to the most stupid and irrelevant issues.
    As an example of Planet Green your attitudes fill me with deep concern.


  12. robertguyton says:

    “Latch on”

    A fleeting mention, that was all.
    You, Tracey, Keeping Stock and Paranormal “latched on”.

    So what if her hair is blond?
    Many National Party candidates have blond hair.


  13. TraceyS says:

    Robert, of all the things you could query, you gave priority to the matter of hair colour? Why is that so relevant?

    Others here aren’t “latching on” Robert, they are curious about the point you are making by deciding to post your query rather than just having a private look to see and saying to yourself, Dave, your wife, or the sunflowers: “ah ha…she does have blond hair!”.

    We don’t need to know what deeply (or shallowly) held beliefs sit behind your special interest in hair colour.

    You are as I suspected in the absence of another explanation; a very odd man.


  14. RG, in this day & age it seems a woman’s hair colour is as irrelevant as it is transitory. What’s your point?

    I’m guessing that Robert’s point is that because this is a positive post about a high-achieving woman who has won selection for National, Robert feels an obligation to drag it down. Good news is forbidden in Riverton.


  15. robertguyton says:

    How you do go on, Keeping Stock. Leave the poor woman be. Guessing (correctly) her hair-colour is hardly “dragging it down”, unless you know something I don’t about the significance of being blond and being a National Party candidate.
    Do you?


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