Word of the day

Euchre – a card game for two to four players usually played with the 32 highest cards in the pack; gain the advantage over (another player) by preventing them from taking three tricks; to cheat, deceive, trick, or outwit; to be exhausted or ruined.


3 Responses to Word of the day

  1. JC says:

    I kind of miss the old Euchre and 500 evenings and the frantic card games during lunch sitting in the bush.. a bloody sight better than swinging a 14 foot aluminum pole with a wicked saw blade at the end and racking off pine tree branches 20 ft up the tree and getting great lumps of sawdust in your eyes.

    I loved 500!


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Farrer at Kiwiblog posted yesterday on what is the best e reader to take tramping.
    What was a deep and meaningful discussion?

    How many hours passed by playing euchre?
    Lightweight, easy to pack and don’t forget the two fives and two sixes for scoring long battery life but totally crap backlight options.

  3. Bulaman says:

    Heading out to the job in mid winter in West Otago with snow starting to fall. The gang caravan had a small pot belly in the middle and we would steam the cards for a few hours before trying to get home through the snow. You had to at least “show willing”!!

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