Vending machine replaces village store

Villagers across the UK  which have lost their village stores, no longer have to drive miles for basics:

Milk, bread, toilet roll and even eggs are being sold from a large vending machine in a Derbyshire village after its only store closed 13 years ago.

The Speedy Shop, in a pub car park in Clifton, near Ashbourne, sells more than 80 products.

Peter Fox, who has submitted a patent application for his invention, said it was “not just a business”, but an idea that could serve the community.

The automatic village shop sends an email when stock is running low.

Mr Fox, 50, said the design was “completely different” to a standard vending machine.

“Instead of having a machine which is a certain design and therefore things have to fit in it… we’ve designed the machine around the product,” he said. . .

When there’s a gap in the market, someone with ingenuity will find a way to fill it.

It’s happened in New Zealand where self-service fuel stops where you can pay by card which have sprung up where petrol stations closed in rural towns.

There’s an opportunity for Speedy Shops here too.


One Response to Vending machine replaces village store

  1. Andrei says:

    Another avenue of daily social interaction closes – hell there’re even talking about sex robots now. We become more and more isolated from each other.

    Is it any wonder there are so many anti depressants prescribed?

    Human beings are social creatures – we need each other for our well being

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