Browning not wanted on Green voyage?

Paddington Bear had a suitcase labelled wanted on voyage.

The Green Party initial list  shows their agricultural spokesman Steffan Browning is not wanted on their voyage beyond the election.

He was 10 in 2011 and has dropped to 16 in this list.

The party currently has 14 MPs, they’d need a better vote than they got in 2011 if he’s to return to parliament.

1 Turei, Metiria
2 Norman, Russel
3 Hague, Kevin
4 Sage, Eugenie
5 Delahunty, Catherine
6 Hughes, Gareth
7 Graham, Kennedy
8 Genter, Julie Anne
9 Logie, Jan
10 Shaw, James
11 Walker, Holly
12 Clendon, Dave
13 Roche, Denise
14 Mathers, Mojo
15 Davidson, Marama
16 Browning, Steffan
17 Coates, Barry
18 Hart, John
19 McDonald, Jack
20 Leckinger, Richard
21 Rotmann, Sea
22 Moorhouse, David
23 Elley, Jeannette
24 Ruthven, Susanne
25 Perinpanayagam, Umesh
26 Perley, Chris
27 Moore, Teresa
28 Kennedy, Dave
29 Langsbury, Dora
30 Barlow, Aaryn
31 Lawless, Jennifer
32 Woodley, Tane
33 Goldsmith, Rachael
34 Rogers, Daniel
35 Kelcher, John
36 Smithson, Anne-Elise
37 McAll, Malcolm
38 Ferguson, Sam
39 Ford, Chris
40 Hunt, Reuben
41 Wesley, Richard

The 2011 list was:

1 TUREI, Metiria
2 NORMAN, Russel
3 HAGUE, Kevin
4 DELAHUNTY, Catherine
5 GRAHAM, Kennedy
6 SAGE, Eugenie Meryl
7 HUGHES, Gareth
8 CLENDON, David
9 LOGIE, Jan
10 BROWNING, Steffan
11 ROCHE, Denise
12 WALKER, Holly
13 GENTER, Julie Anne
14 MATHERS, Mojo
15 SHAW, James
16 HAY, David

Gareth Hughes and Kennedy Graham have swapped places from 2011.

. . . “The list we are releasing today is by no means final. It is just a useful guide for members all over the country to use when making their own personal selection.”

The initial list is put together by delegates and candidates who attended the party’s February candidate conference. Delegates were able to put candidates through their paces and evaluate their performance. The initial list now goes to party members nation-wide to vote on. The Green Party uses STV voting. . . .

The useful guide clearly indicates that Browning wasn’t rated highly by conference goers.

That view will be shared by most farmers who would not want him anywhere near the primary industries portfolio.

Frequent commenter here, Dave Kennedy is at 28.

23 Responses to Browning not wanted on Green voyage?

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    If the Tasmanian experience is repeated in NZ, these idiots will be reduced to just 8 seats.

  2. jabba says:

    woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .. so if they are part of the Govt this year, Turei will have a higher ranked position than Russellll Norman.
    And if our friend Dave K is No28 then those ahead of him must be pretty sharp.
    Dave, leave this muppet party and join Labour

  3. Gravedodger says:

    Whatever, wont count for anything as expedience trumps process.

    4.98% sounds gr8.

  4. Dave Kennedy says:

    “And if our friend Dave K is No28 then those ahead of him must be pretty sharp.”

    Thanks, Jabba, they certainly are pretty sharp, I have strengthened my profile in the party and still dropped from 23rd in 2011. It just demonstrates the growing strength of our party. Twice as many people put themselves forward for list ranking than last time and it shows in this result.

    If you compare my current ranking (it may still change when this initial ranking goes out to the full membership) then I am ranked the same as Amy Adams in 2011.

    We Greens don’t lack competent people we just need the votes 😉

  5. Gravedodger says:

    @ Dave K is that where you are saucing your much more reasonable and reality based rural comments.

    Logic dictates that there must be some environmental concern based supporters in the lobby group erroneously named the Green Party, how else to understand how 13% of citizens say they will vote for them.

    My question to you is, in your opinion how many of the 13% actually grasp the true political alliegance of the leadership , in particular Russel Norman, he is seen by many of my peer group to be the ultimate “Melon”, only a green skin very pink/red inside.

    Now Nick Smith, he is as green as many of the 13% but is pragmatic enough to see how much more can be achieved for the “environment” from inside the tent.
    Remembering Lyndon B Johnson’s immortal words on where to be standing when urinating and camping.

  6. jabba says:

    neither Russellll Norman or the No1 ranked MP is a true Green Party type .. they looked for a political home and the Greens are their ticket.

  7. Dave Kennedy says:

    GD and Jabba, your criticisms of Russel are based on little other than spin. Russel has a long history with the party and earned his leadership position because of his passion for the environment, his sharp intellect and his green economic credibility.

  8. jabba says:

    mmm, the links you show are from your own blog and another from the green party .. any neutral links to view?

  9. Dave Kennedy says:

    Jabba, I was attempting to demonstrate the regard Russel has within the Party. You are welcome to make your own judgements based on views from both sides now 😉

  10. Mr E says:

    Dave – I hope John can review and modify your organic farming policy?

  11. JC says:

    “Jabba, I was attempting to demonstrate the regard Russel has within the Party. ”

    Yet according to this latest Herald poll only about a third of those preferring Greens would want him as PM! Overall Russel scores slightly worse than the dodgy Cunliffe as preferred PM by their own party supporters.

    Thats the danger of being closely aligned with a party.. tunnel vision.. and why I was confident the public wouldn’t condemn Judith Collins. If you asked “Waitakere Man” what he thought of Collins he’d grin and say she needed a good kick in the arse and she’ll be the better for it.


  12. Dave Kennedy says:

    Mr E, The Greens are in the process of setting up a rural network of those those who live in rural communities and have farming backgrounds to see how we could address many of the concerns you have and support those in the party who don’t have the advantage of a rural perspective.

    The most important thing people should know about the Greens is that we are very evidence and research focused in our decision making and would rather work collaboratively than dictate policy. The Good Farm Stories on our website were a commitment to establish what is practically possible and to recognize that you can never have a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

    I don’t really think that you will see our focus on organics change much but the important thing is actually around how we want to achieve it and how we recognize the realities of what it would really involve (time scales included).

  13. Richard says:

    A couple of months I blogged that Dave Kennedy would be a much better advocate for Green issues in in contrast to Robert Guyton – the Troll-on this blog.
    I respect some of the Green’s concerns but not necessarily agree.
    Dave has always been reasonable in his comments–

  14. Dave Kennedy says:

    Richard, I think will will find provocateurs in any party and Robert has this down to a fine art, he loves to challenge anyone’s thinking, including my own 😉

  15. jabba says:

    he doesn’t challenge anyone’s thinking Dave.

  16. Mr E says:

    I think you have stated what many silently think. It is fair to say, I appreciate the time Dave puts in here.

    Dave. There is a big difference between “thinking” and patience.

    Dave, Without a major rethink of the organic farming policy, it will be unlikely the Greens will win my support. If John thinks it right, he’ll find me shaking my head at him too. I’ve conversed with him before, so I may challenge him on it in time.

  17. MvL says:

    “The most important thing people should know about the Greens is that we are very evidence and research focused in our decision making and would rather work collaboratively than dictate policy.”
    Oh dear…Oh dear…
    What absolute tosh.
    This would explain the 88 “very evidenced and researched” subjects on your banned list then.

  18. jabba says:

    MvL .. the Greens should be demanding Metiria Turei be Deputy PM for gender balance .. gulp

  19. Dave Kennedy says:

    MvL, and that came directly from our party or was it spun from elsewhere? 😉 I actually agree with the sentiments in most on the list but the word ‘ban’ rarely appears in our polices.

  20. jabba says:

    I’m watching Julie-Anne Genter boring the shit out of Big Gerry with the dumbest questions I have ever heard, except the questions about Judith’s chinese dinner.

  21. jabba says:

    and talking about the upcoming election, I better comb my hair for tonight’s meeting to select our new MP, I’m sure I will choose wisely

  22. jabba says:

    that’s a shame .. it was only to select the delegates who go onto select our new MP (great being in a safe blue seat) .. so many members that our little branch had 24 to choose.

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