Wanaka on show

Wanaka has had a very big weekend.

The Motatapu Challenge, a rodeo and the Upper Clutha A & P Show attracted thousands.

The show is the second biggest in the South Island, combining the best of traditional attractions with some newer attractions,one of the most popular of which is the Jack Russell race.

For several years, the show has also hosted the Glammies – the Golden Lamb awards.

I haven’t been able to find the results, but I did get a photo of a couple of the judges:

glammies 14

Prime Minister John Key and Beef + Lamb NZ Iron Maiden Sarah Walker.

Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean always has a tent at the show – it was very busy and the mood was very positive.

Representatives of at least one other political party generally turn up in election year but there was no sign of any others this weekend.

Yet more proof their contention of caring about the regions is empty rhetoric.

5 Responses to Wanaka on show

  1. You might want to fix the spelling in your title Ele 😉


  2. Captain Fantastic says:

    Good to see John Key is out mixing in the provinces.


  3. Neil says:

    I enjoyed the heading but hardly think that it is highly newsworthy.After all, it’s a bit risque for people in my party !!!!!


  4. homepaddock says:

    KS – whoops, thanks – could I blame too much show and not enough sleep?

    CF – yes, it is. He made the most of every moment and the people loved it. Must make life difficult for security when so many people want to talk to him, shake his hand and have photos taken with him.

    Neil – blush, that meaning was definitely not intended.


  5. Captain Fantastic says:

    Hello Elle, sounds more like you now. Have been concerned that you had been hijacked. Or deserted to the greens or something. How bad could that be?


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