Friday’s answers

It was your turn to ask the questions.

If Rob, Andrei an/or  Alwyn stumped us all they can collect an electronic jar of raspberry jam by leaving the correct answers below.

Keeping Stock gets a grin and an if-only -I-knew.

Rob gets a bonus jar of jam for his second question.

Yesterday and today have been busy and I’ve only now had time to look at the answers. I’m disappointed by the thread-jack and the first two questions in response to it.

Robert should refer to Rob’s question @11:57.

I understand what  Paranormal was doing and why, but it could have done it with political examples rather than the ones chosen for the first two questions.

Questions 3-5 stumped everyone and get an electronic jar of jam for doing so and an exactly for the answer @ 8:50.


3 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    Hope your dinner went well – been doing the dishes, is that why this post is appearing so late in the day?

    I don’t think I deserve my prize this week since my questions were phrased wrongly for a Thursday quiz, should have been posed on Wednesday – we need an embarrassed smiley

    But the answers sought were

    (1) Ash Wednesday
    (2) Shrove or Pancake Tuesday
    (3) Carnival or Cheesefare week, or Pancake week
    (4) The eating of food that will be foregone for Lent and especially eggs as in pancakes
    (5) Mardi Gras (New Orleans) Carnival (Rio) which originally like Maslenitsa was the last blow out before the rigors of lent.

    Lent and Easter for Eastern and Western Christianity coincide this year, an interesting factoid you may care to file away or not as it may be

  2. Alwyn says:

    I would have to give Andrei four and a half for his knowledge of military quotes.
    Montgomery was the General who was doing the complaining. He didn’t think that New Zealand troops showed a suitably respectful attitude. The response to him was made by Freyberg, who commanded the New Zealand divisions at the time.
    The other four were correct. Leahy was talking about the atom bomb. He didn’t try and pretend he hadn’t said it later on though. He told the story in his memoirs after the war, admitting that he wasn’t quite roght.

  3. Andrei says:

    Well Alwyn – very interesting questions bowled right into my favored slots 🙂

    Of course now the answer to (1) is revealed it seems obvious that Montgomery would have been the complainer rather than the retortee

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