Thursday’s quiz

Preparing dinner of 50ish people tonight is taking priority over blogging so I’m leaving the questions up to you.

You don’t have to follow the 5 question format I use.

Anyone who stumps everyone will win an electronic jar or raspberry jam.

15 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Rob Hosking says:

    What are the stage names of these five rock stars?

    1. John Ritchie

    2. Vincent Furnier

    3. David Jones

    4. Declan McManus

    5. John Mellor


  2. Andrei says:

    (1) Sid Vicious

    (2) Alice Cooper

    (3) David Bowie or you could also answer Davy Jones and not be wrong

    (4) Elvis Costello

    (5) Joe Strummer – clash


  3. Andrei says:

    (1) What is today called in the Church of the Latin Calender?
    (2) What was yesterdays title?
    (3) What is Maslenitsa in Slavic tradition?
    (4) How does Maslenitsa relate to the answer in question 2
    (5) What finished yesterday in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro and how does this relate to the preceding questions?


  4. robertguyton says:

    (1) Why did Judith Collins ignore the rules by endorsing a Chinese company with a visit and a photo-op?
    (2) Why didn’t she declare her potential conflict of interest in the company her husband was a director of?
    (3) Why is she in full-denial mode at the moment?
    (4) Why did John Key behave as though there was nothing significant about her behaviour?
    (5) Why did Patsy Wong resign?


  5. Alwyn says:

    The people who made the following statements were all senior (General or equivalent) military figures. Who were they?
    1. When his superior complained that his troops did not salute said “Oh, that’s all right. You just wave to them and they’ll wave back”
    2. “The bomb will never go off. I speak as an expert on explosives”
    3. “I suppose if I had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal”
    4. “It is well that war is so terrible – Otherwise we would grow to fond of it”
    5. When asked by his superior what they should do said “Make peace you fools”


  6. Andrei says:

    Doh! When I wrote my questions I was thinking it was Wednesday but of course it is Thursday.

    Sorry ’bout that 😦


  7. Andrei says:

    Alwyn’s Questions

    (1) I think was Bernard Law Montgomery

    (2) Admiral William Leahy

    (3) Curtis Lemay

    (4) Robert E Lee

    (5) Gerd von Rundstedt

    Here’s a piece of trivia the last four have all appeared as dialogue in movies where the gentleman concerned appears as a character.

    The first probably has to but I can’t place a movie where I have heard it uttered.

    Mind you Gerd von Rundstedt said his line in German played by Wolfgang Preiss


  8. robertguyton says:

    Who said this?

    “The Cabinet manual not only forbids actual conflicts of interest when Ministers are performing public duties from which they or their family members and close associates might derive private gain – it also puts the onus on the Minister to actively avoid even a perception that such a conflict might exist. In the case of Justice Minister Judith Collins, she used a taxpayer funded trip to China to visit a milk company in China on whose board her husband serves as a director, sampled the company’s product, declared it to be “nice” and allowed herself to be photographed. Not surprisingly, the Chinese company then posted the Minister’s photo and positive comments on its website – at least, until asked to take down the apparent endorsement. The same company also donated $55,000 to the National Party before the 2011 election, and Ms Collins opened the company’s new office in Auckland last year.
    A reasonable person would probably conclude there was at least a perception of a conflict of interest in that chain of events. Not so, according to Prime Minister John Key”.


  9. Paranormal says:

    (1) If someone were to say something untrue about Robert Guyton relating to membership of the Man Boy Love Association, should he be prosecuted for Pedophilia?
    (2) If someone else were to say something untrue about RG why did he not declare he was not a pedophile before someone else said something untrue?
    (3) Why is it the left are focusing on non-issues rather than the things that really matter? Could the reason be their election year has started so poorly they are all saying – “Look, look over there” whilst they are frantically trying to regroup?
    (4) Why does Green sanctimony not reflect in their behaviour?
    (5) Why do the Greens always try and conflate non aligned issues such as Pansy Wong resigning for misusing her parliamentary travel expense perk for private trips when that is not what they are accusing Judith Collins of?


  10. robertguyton says:

    Dirty play, Paranormal. You should be ashamed.


  11. What will the winning Lotto numbers be this week? Don’t worry about Powerball; I’m not greedy 😀


  12. Paranormal says:

    Ashamed for following your lead and paraphrasing your threadjacking? If so then both of us should be.


  13. Alwyn says:

    @Rob Hosking
    1. Sid Vicious
    2. Alice Cooper
    3. pass
    4. Elvis Costello
    5. pass


  14. Rob Hosking says:

    Alwyn: the first was by Freyberg, about NZ troops, to Montgomery when Montgomery took over the 8th Army. Apparently he took Freyberg’s advice. I’ve always loved that story.


  15. Rob Hosking says:

    Question for Robert Guyton:

    What is meant by the phrase ‘entering into the spirit of something’ and give an example thereof?


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