Will Labour move on Mana?

Recent Mana Party member Matt McCarten is now Labour’s chief of staff – what will that mean for Mana?

Will Labour court its leader, and sole MP, Hone Harawira and invite him to join them?

Will it go after his seat?

Of will they be happy to leave him to the electorate they believe is theirs to give them another coalition partner?

The first and third options won’t appeal to the lighter pink people towards the centre who are already being scared to the centre right by the prospect of a Labour-Green government.

5 Responses to Will Labour move on Mana?

  1. J Bloggs says:

    I’d imagine that leaving Hone his seat will be the quid pro quo…


  2. Are you really suggesting Hone would give up his leaders salary? Wont happen, nor would Labour win his seat. It is the Greens who will be tetchy. They didn’t like the thought of Kim Dot Con stealing from them, but this is a far greater threat. They will need to differentiate themselves from Labour so look for some boundaries to be laid down by Rustle (Russel).


  3. Andrei says:

    Another election year circus sideshow sigh


  4. Mr E says:

    MMP – A wonderful place to be?


  5. pdm says:

    There would be a plus if Labour did win the seat – their representative would at least turn up to work in Parliament.


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