Labour lurches further left with McCarten as CoS

Matt McCarten is Labour’s new chief of staff.

Former New Labour and Alliance party founder Matt McCarten has been appointed chief of staff for Labour Party leader David Cunliffe.

In a move likely to please Cunliffe’s backers on the left of the party and place further strain on relationships with centrist, senior members of his caucus, Cunliffe said McCarten’s proven track record as a political organiser and strategist over more than 30 years qualified him for the role.

“He has spent his life fighting for social justice and workers’ rights. His values are the values of the Labour Party and the values of the government I want to lead,” said Cunliffe.

McCarten’s early professional life was in the trade union movement. He split with the Labour Party in 1989 to help form the New Labour Party with dissident Labour MP Jim Anderton, then split with Anderton in 2002 over the Alliance’s coalition with the Labour-led government of Helen Clark.

Anderton went on to form the Progressive Party and the Alliance lost all its parliamentary seats that year.

McCarten most recently stood for Parliament in the Mana by-election in 2010 as a candidate for the far left-wing Mana Party, led by Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira, and has been an adviser to Mana.

That’s an interesting political journey -he started in the Labour Party, moved to New Labour, then Alliance,  Mana and now he’s back in Labour.

Do the values of the Labour Party Cunliffe says he shares, not paying tax?

Inland Revenue is chasing unionist Matt McCarten’s Unite Support Services Ltd. for $150,750 in unpaid taxes after the department forced the company into liquidation last month.

McCarten’s vehicle, which supplied administrative support services to the youth-orientated union Unite Inc., was put into liquidation by a High Court order last month after the tax department pursued it for “failure to provide for taxation,” according to the first liquidator’s report. . .

Whatever he’s done and wherever he’s been, there’s no question about where he wants to go and take Labour with him  – that’s to the far left.
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7 Responses to Labour lurches further left with McCarten as CoS

  1. jabba says:

    John Key will be beside himself with joy .. I would have picked Bradbury for the role but there you go


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Please tell me you jest jabba,

    Eenie meenie miny mo.
    Thief, bummer, fisher, loser
    whoever whatever there ya go,
    Stammer, lout, luckless, Schmoozer


  3. jabba says:

    what on earth was Cunliffe thinking .. Matt will be a disaster that only the mad Bradbury could out do. Great stuff.


  4. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    I think Barnsley Bill has it about right.

    McCrten is a superb campaigner and he’s there to run Cunliffe’s election campaign. He’s C of S in name only, in order to be funded by the tax payer.


  5. Angry Tory says:

    So instead of a wannabe terrorist (“Bomber” Bradbury – presumably some relation of Ulster Loyalist Terrorist turncoat Barrie Bradbury) we’ve got an actual economic terrorist running Labour . So Labour now allied to an Maori terrorist supporter Harawira and thus actual Maori terrorist Tame Mandela “Time to Kill Whiteys” Iti…

    Time for National to declare war on the Unions & Labour & MANA methinks.

    The real question is what do the Greens do now? Move even further left of what we now have to call Labour+MANA. Accept they are now fourth cab off the rank in the coalition of the losers – after MANA which is now in the Labour leader’s office, and Winston?

    Or campaign on some carefully chosen sensible environment policies: solar *water* heaters (not photovoltaic); faster development consents for wind farms of National Significance; more insulation, more cycleways; be clear they can step back on their economic policies and go into coalition with National.

    The Greens have already got more environmental policy wins from Key’s National than they did from Clark’s Labour.


  6. JC says:

    Good move by Cunliffe. His deadly enemy (apart from his own caucus) is the Greens and he needs a Luca Brasie to counter the Green Godfather Kim Dot Com.

    There’s going to be some odd looking fish turn up in Wgton harbour over the next little while.



  7. J Bloggs says:

    Angry Tory: That would the smart move for the Greens, and would see them move into the position now held by the Maori party (and they might be surprised at how much supprot they picked up). However, I don’t see it happening under Russell’s and Meteria’s watch.


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