Being human

Quote of the day:

“. . . The country’s best-read blogs are all political, they’re all partisan, and they make no apology for it. Indeed, journalists in the mainstream media might learn a thing or two from that: television viewers and newspaper readers would prefer that journalists be transparently partisan than pretend to some high-and-mighty objectivity that nobody can ever really achieve. Everyone has a world view, and it affects how they interpret and report the events around them. That’s called being human. . . . ”  Jonathan Milne

Journalists in the mainstream media, especially if it’s state owned, have a duty to be balanced, fair and objective.

That doesn’t mean not having views, it means not letting those views cloud their judgement or influence their work.

One Response to Being human

  1. Gravedodger says:

    I am a little puzzled at Milne omitting any reference to The Standard.
    I accept it is largely irrelevant particularly with its wonderful attitude to contrary debate under the watchful eye of the legendary Sysop.
    Frothing socialistic dogma certainly but their panel of writers gives them a readership in double figures.
    An interesting glimpse though as to how the slowly dying Herald views the new media, far too flattering of Bradbury and was it actually a veiled expose on Slater and his very successful brand.
    Like him or hate him he is the current dominant and by some margin measured against many criteria.

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