Charlotte Dawson 8.4.66 – 22.2.14

Has depression claimed another victim?

Media personality Charlotte Dawson has been found dead in her Sydney home.

Police have confirmed a woman’s body was found at the address in Woolloomooloo and there were no suspicious circumstances.

The New Zealand-born Dawson, 47, had a history with depression.

The former model was hospitalised last year after being bombarded with vicious Twitter messages.

She was a vocal anti-bullying campaigner and had been campaigning for cancer resources. . .

Her death will be referred to a corner but no suspicious circumstances  is usually police-speak for suicide.

Depression is a serious and often misunderstood illness. has an 0800 number to call and advice for anyone needing help for themselves or someone else.

One Response to Charlotte Dawson 8.4.66 – 22.2.14

  1. Richard says:

    Nearer to home, my first cousin Gae Pantel died this week. She was the most enterprising person – among other things she and her husband opened the first baby clothing shop in St Andrews St Dunedin
    RIP Gae and Charlotte-

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