Friday’s answers

Andrei posed Thursday’s questions and can claim an electronic box of stone fruit for stumping us all by leaving the answers below.

3 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    Normally of course when posing question I know the answers but of course for these well I was in the dark pretty much 🙂

    I was kind of struck by the thought of how those things that of the highest importance to us in the here and now become nothing in the fullness of time – even our political parties will vanish into the mists of time

    Anyway – the five Premiers and their electorates, who were nothing but names to me when I started

    (1) Harry Atkinson

    He was an independent and represented the electorate of Egmont

    (2) John Ballance

    He was a Liberal and represented the electorate of Wanganui (without an “h”)

    (3) Thomas Mackenzie

    He was another Liberal and represented the electorate of Egmont, though previously he had represented electorates in Otago

    Another interesting factoid

    In 1923 he supported Ernest Valentine Sanderson in establishing the Native Bird Protection Society (later the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand) and was the Society’s first President

    (4) Francis Bell

    He was another Reform and was a member of the Council, ie the now defunct upper house

    (5) George Forbes

    He was Prime Minister of a United Government and Represented Hurinui


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Sorry to be a pedant Andrei, it was Hurunui as in the river that flows across North Canterbury with Lake Sumner on the North branch.
    Forbes farmed at Cheviot and a local Legend has Forbes and his wife going to their local rural booth to vote, After voting the locals gathered outside all wishing George well and assuring they had voted to his continuing in office. Alas when the result was declared only two were for Forbes and it is still a mystery how Mrs Forbes might have voted.

    Good questions, sorry I was bereft of connectivity. Any answers now would be somewhat suspect.
    Suffice to admit Mckenzie had me stumped.


  3. pdm says:

    I would have placed Ballance in the Woodville/Pahiatua (Tararua) area. we are travelling from Hastings to Wellington tomorrow and if that way inclined we could get from Woodville to Pahiatua by crossing the Manawatu River west of Woodville by way of the Ballance bridge.

    We won’t though as it will drag the trip out a bit.


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