Thursday’s quiz

It’s your turn to ask the questions again.

You don’t have to follow the 5-question format I usually use.

An electronic box of stone fruit is on offer to anyone who stumps us all.

3 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Andrei says:

    OK – a bit sick today but we cannot allow Thursday’s quiz to pass unasked.

    Politicians think they are ever so important – no?

    I’ll give you five Prime Ministers of New Zealand – can you give me the Party they represented and their electorate? Just think how eminent our current crop might be in times to come…. 🙂

    (1) Harry Atkinson

    (2) John Ballance

    (3) Thomas Mackenzie

    (4) Francis Bell

    (5) George Forbes


  2. homepaddock says:

    Thank you for asking the questions – though not for showing my ignorance of NZ political history.

    1. Um
    2,The fertiliser company Ballance Agrinutrients is named after him, so I’m guessing it was one of the parties that became National – Reform or Liberal? I’ll go with Reform.
    3. He’s the one the monument at Palmerston in East Otago commemorates. He broke up the big estates when he was Lands Minister, I think he was a farmer so again I’ll go with one of the parties which became National but I don’t know which.
    4. Um.
    5. Um.


  3. Alwyn says:

    1. He wasn’t a member of any party if my memory serves me correctly..
    2. Don’t know
    3. Liberal
    4. Reform
    5. United
    Atkinson and MacKenzie were both from Egmont.
    Bell was in the Legislative Council when he was PM (for a month or so) so the answer would be none.
    I have no idea about the other two.


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