Ashamed or tricky?

David Cunliffe is playing silly beggars over the value of his house:

A battle of the million-dollar houses has broken out between the Prime Minister and Labour leader David Cunliffe.

But there’s a snag with Mr Cunliffe’s attempts to attack John Key for living in a mansion; his own home is worth millions too, and the Prime Minister says he’s trying to hide it.

“I live in Parnell and I am proud of it,” Mr Key told Parliament. “That member [Mr Cunliffe] lives in Herne Bay. He just does not want his supporters to know.”

Herne Bay is one of the country’s most expensive suburbs. Mr Cunliffe’s road, Marine Parade, is considered the suburb’s best street.

Mr Key’s house is worth nearly $10 million, while Mr Cunliffe’s is valued at $2.5 million.

“We bought the worst house in the best street,” says Mr Cunliffe. “It was a do-up; it probably wouldn’t be the average of the area.

“Mr Key spent time in the money markets and has a personal fortune, which is many times our reasonably middle-range existence.” . . .

The combined salaries of a senior MP and lawyer might be middle-range on the planet where people on $150,000 need a $60 a week baby bribe, but most of us would call it well above the middle.

There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact there’s a lot right about it.

No-one who understands the value of aspiration would try to hide it, they would, as the PM does, use it to show what hard work can do. That’s not showing off, it’s providing a positive role model.

In contrast to that good example, the Labour leader is trying to hide his wealth.

Is he ashamed of it, or is he just being tricky again?



9 Responses to Ashamed or tricky?

  1. Andrei says:

    He’s not being tricky, he’s being clueless.

    He is after all almost the architypical chardonnay moet and chandon socialist


  2. J Bloggs says:

    I am minded of a book about Muldoon published in the late 70’s, where the author (Spiro Zavos, I think) made the comment that: “The most interesting aspect of Muldoon, is that he is probably in the wrong party” – going on to indicate that Muldoon’s priorities and viewpoint (shaped by the depression) were a closer fit with Labour than the tradtional National base. I get a similar feeling about Cunliffe, to be honest. I feel that he’d be a lot happier with speaking about his background and achievements if he were in the National Party, or at least the Labour party of the 80’s.


  3. Quintin Hogg says:

    Instead of tricky I would say downright duplicitous.
    The suggestion that he and his wife’s joint income are “midrange” is arrant nonsense.


  4. Andrei says:

    Instead of tricky I would say downright duplicitous

    He might be trying to be duplicitous, though I doubt that, myself. If he is he is fooling nobody but himself.

    I actually think he is just clueless with absolutely no insight into how he comes across.

    I don’t resent that John Key has gone from a State House in Bryndwr to a mansion in Parnell, but I suspect that David David Cunliffe just might – which is why he fell into this trap, which he set for himself.

    I’m kind of reminded of those old road runner cartoons where Wylie Coyote lights a stick of dynamite to blow up Roadrunner and ends up blowing up himself


  5. J Bloggs says:

    The problem with trying to attack John Key’s wealth, is that he’s the quintessential rag’s to riches, self made narrative. And Kiwis, as a general rule, respect that. If JK had been a member of the born into million’s, private schooled, polo playing set, then DC’s attacks would have more bite.


  6. Mr E says:

    To be frank, I don’t care how many millions either have. They are both playing silly politician and wasting time and my tax.

    I don’t care who threw the first stone or the last. Get on with work. Play the ball, not the person.


  7. jabba says:

    Cullen was loaded but still called Key a rich prick .. It seems the Labour party have a hatred of rich people (excluding themselves of course).


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