Majority don’t want new taxes

The Fairfax Media Ipsos poll showed that more than two thirds of people are opposed to raising taxes to pay for new spending.

Only 25.4% of respondents supported increased taxes, 5.4% didn’t know and 69.4% were opposed.

Opposition parties who are promoting new taxes including one on capital gains should take that as a warning.

New spending should be funded by savings elsewhere, not by increased taxes.


2 Responses to Majority don’t want new taxes

  1. Len doesn’t believe you. Len thinks you’re dumb. More tax (rates) will pay for all his monuments. Beg borrow and steal. He says that ‘the people’ just want him to get on with it.

  2. jabba says:

    wow, 25% of people want to pay more tax .. REALLY?
    Would be interesting to know how much they pay now.

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