Will Dotcom support Labour/Greens?

David Cunliffe and Russel Norman said a Labour-Greens government might block Kim Dotcom from being extradicted to the US.

“I’ve always said I didn’t support the extradition process,” Mr Norman told 3News last night. “In a number of respects, I just don’t think it’s fair.”

Mr Cunliffe offered more qualified support for the accused pirate, saying, telling the broadcaster, “Prima face, the current government’s operation against Mr Dotcom appears to have been outside the law in a number of respects.”

In 3News’ report, the Labour leader doesn’t voice support for blocking extradition but later, when challenged on social media, 3News political editor Patrick Gower later said Mr Cunliffe said he was open to considering the option.

Prime Minister John Key said while the government could block and extradition, it would jeopardise the US-NZ extradition treaty. He noted that the treaty had been used to repatriate several “abhorrent” criminals from the US to NZ.

That’s the customary yeah-nah from Cunliffe and common sense from the Prime Minister.

Extradition treaties work both ways and we can’t expect the US to support our requests if we don’t support theirs.

A 3News Reid-Research poll found 21% or just over one in five voters would consider voting for Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party.

However, Mr Gower said of 1000 people surveyed, zero supported the Internet Party today.

But while a Labour-Greens government could “save Dotcom’s bacon” as Mr Gower puts it, the irony is that his political push could potentially strip away 1% or 2% support from the two parties – potentially enough to deny them power in a tight race for the MMP list vote. . .

The logical response to this is for Dotcom to forget forming his own party and back Labour and/or the Greens.

He’s already thinking of that.

The reds and greens are sure to swallow their animosity towards rich pricks and accept that offer.

39 Responses to Will Dotcom support Labour/Greens?

  1. robertguyton says:

    A charismatic, wealthy, backer for the Greens – excellent!

    (Why are you so red, Prime Minister?)


  2. Alwyn says:

    Russel Norman has already admitted making two visits to Dotcom trying to persuade him not to start a party to run in the election. I think he is well aware that the likely Dotcom supporters come from the ranks of the Green Party voters.
    Norman hasn’t admitted what he was offering Dotcom in return but I don’t think he would hesitate to rule out extraditing him if that was the price demanded.


  3. Willdwan says:

    If this is true it’s a straight-forward case of political corruption surely. Imagine if National were to pull a stunt like this.


  4. JC says:

    Russel twice visited, Peters 3 times and Cunliffe is still negotiating the price.. but it looks like the parliamentary opposition has been bought.



  5. Quintin Hogg says:

    A German bagman Robert?


  6. jabba says:

    I notice that Cunliffe answers most questions with a “we will consider that option …….. .. blah blah blah”. He never seems answer with a yes or a no, the closest we get is a yeah nah.
    Trying to imagine a Green/Labour/mana Govt is a terrible but add in the chubby German and it would be as funny as a fart .. until the realistion hits that the country is collapsing and a snap election is demanded by the fools who voted for the muppets.


  7. Ironic that supposedly pro-business National is anti somebody who is surely one of the biggest businessmen in NZ, no?


  8. robertguyton says:

    National supporters loathe Mr Dotcom, because he is going to topple John Key prior to the coming election, and who could blame them for feeling that way?


  9. TraceyS says:


    Surely you are joking.

    He’s about as charismatic as Russel Norman.


  10. Two peas in a pod TraceyS…

    And what was that the Greens used to say about money in politics? Looks as though they’ve decided that if you can’t beat ’em, you join ’em.


  11. Why would Key want to have anything to do with a man who has been indicted to face serious criminal charges Robert? Have you actually read the indictment against Dotcom and his alleged co-conspirators? Here ’tis:

    Click to access megaupload_indictment.pdf


  12. robertguyton says:

    “…it looks like… ”

    To your panicked eye, JC, it no doubt does…


  13. robertguyton says:

    “Norman hasn’t admitted what he was offering Dotcom in return…”
    You Righties see the world through your own jaundiced eyes, don’t you. The ‘deal’ is only in your imaginations.


  14. robertguyton says:

    Norman talks to Dotcom about the effect his proposed party would have on the Greens, and it’s corruption?
    You need to get out more.


  15. robertguyton says:

    I thought you were referring to John Banks, KS, and was agreeing with you.
    Dotcom will have Key’s scalp before July.


  16. Quintin Hogg says:

    Hey Robert, What’s it like cuddling up to Mr Dotcom. Got an invite to Coatesville yet? I would have thought that you would at the top of the list mate.


  17. jabba says:

    the Gweens are not the party of the Donald/Fitzsimmons days that’s for sure.


  18. jabba says:

    Dotcom can sort this out very easily .. if he is innocent of the charges against him, all he has to do is prove it. When found not guilty he can come back and do whatever he likes.
    It is soooooooo strange that a man who stands for all the things the Gweens hate is their friend.
    Dave K has gone through the NZ rich List and wants them to a/ give part of their wealth to those who work for them or b/ tax the rich pricks for part of their fortune .. I assume Dotcom is exempt fro this course of action?


  19. Quintin Hogg says:

    Jabba, in those days I used to respect the Greens for their ummm…. what is that word? oh yes …Integrity.


  20. Mr E says:

    Give KDK some credit. He seems to have played a great hand of cards up until now.

    So few have predicted his possible path of ‘quit and support those will fight his extradition’

    He seems to have played so many as fools. But not John Key. He picked it when the party concept was announced (Sept 2013). “I think it’s all part of his campaign to stay here”. “It’s like everything we see from the guy. He wants to stay here and fight his extradition treaty. He has very good PR people. Let’s see how it goes”

    Through shear cunning (or paying cunning) KDK has found a path that possibly could help him avoid extradition.

    I doubt voters are as gullible as he might think. I think many will perceive a ploy and vote against it. I believe this could back fire on the greens/labour parities. If voters think it is dodgy, votes could change. And lets face it – many of the precursors for dodgy deals are there.

    Media seem to be putting a corruption spin on it. And we know sometimes these corruption suggestions can be like freight trains.

    I think Jabba mentioned Fitzsimmons. That struck a cord with me. I too wondered what she would think of this? Any media have her direct dial number?


  21. JC says:

    And so apparently to significant numbers on the left..


    You guys have been bought and you’re loving it.



  22. TraceyS says:

    “greens/labour parities” I love it Mr E. Very good. I believe they are lower-order parities.

    Of Kim Dotcom “[h]e seems to have played so many as fools.” I fully agree and can’t understand why many are complicit in him taking the micky out of our country.


  23. jabba says:

    a dirty little deal bOb and you know it


  24. robertguyton says:

    Still waiting but I’ve packed my overnight bag, just in case…


  25. robertguyton says:

    This talk of admiring Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rod Donald – can any of you, even one of you link to a positive comment you made when she and he were in Parliament to support your claims that you admired them then?

    Thought not.

    It’s all pish.


  26. robertguyton says:

    You surely don’t understand, Tracey. The reason for Mr Dotcom’s appeal eludes you altogether and you’ll get a terrible fright when he brings your Mr Key tumbling down.

    “Why are you so red, Mr Prime Minister?”


  27. robertguyton says:

    The Greens have many friends, jabba. There will be voters from all across the nation supporting them at the election, swooshing them across the line, onto the Government benches and into those portfolios they desire – Finance, Transport, Education and anything else they desire. You should fill out that “Becoming Green” pack I sent you and send it in, quick-smart! You don’t want to be left gaping foolishly, as the tide turns and your tribe is turned out!


  28. robertguyton says:

    Only to a mind like your, jabs.


  29. robertguyton says:

    I don’t believe you, Quintin. Can you provide evidence of your support?

    Yeah? nah.


  30. robertguyton says:

    Keeping Stock slags the Greens off regularly and this pretense at ‘believing’ the Greens, is fake.


  31. jabba says:

    I agree bOb, Quintin would struggle to prove the gweens ever had any integrity


  32. jabba says:

    a dirty dirty deal bOb . bring back Jennette


  33. jabba says:

    losing a few friends daily bOb .. nothing in the mail yet bOb, don’t tell me you don’t have my address


  34. jabba says:

    you will find nothing from me bOb .. it’s all about the level of dislike I have .. Fitzsimons was dotty but sincere, Donald was like an old uncle with dinky braces but the latest 2 are a total dead loss .. NO respect at all.


  35. jabba says:

    Dotcom has taken the piss out of the Nats, Labour, Winny1st and the Gweens .. he is taking many for fools .. bOb, you are a class A fool to support the guy.


  36. jabba says:

    AND, I hope Dotcrim does find people to be is pawns and stand at the next election, I’m all for fairness unlike the Gweens, Liabour and Winny1st who want him to pull the pin .. Go Kimmy


  37. TraceSy says:

    That’s it Robert, I don’t understand – “unable to learn” you said. Figures. You must wonder why I even try to understand!


  38. TraceSy says:

    I did Robert, not online, but verbally. You know there was a time when green friends of mine were some of the most libertarian of anyone I have ever known. Maybe they still are. They would (or would have) embraced the idea of partnership schools and the opportunity to break away from the present education system, just as one example. But the Green Party can’t have that because it’s a National/Act thing.

    They celebrated free choice and living true to one’s own values and abhorred being dictated to by the State. The Green Party has become….something else…very far from freedom loving. Hell bent on getting into power it will do anything to get there – even going against things that it must know its supporters would love.


  39. Mr E says:

    Oiled your bike chain?


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