NZ’s GDP = South Carolina’s

The USA’s GDP was around $16 trillion in 2012.

Over at Carpe Diem, Mark J Perry has calculated each state’s contribution to the total and found a country whose GDP was similar.

New Zealand’s economy was $171,256, just a little more than South Carolina’s.gdp mapYou’ll find a bigger map and a table with the GDP of each state and the country with which it’s comparable by clicking on the link.

2 Responses to NZ’s GDP = South Carolina’s

  1. Alwyn says:

    It is an interesting graph, and concept.
    I am not sure quite how reliable it is as when I read it I noticed one glaring, and quite silly error.
    He talks about New York and gives a population of 8.4m. That is the population of New York CITY. The population of the state is about 19.6m.
    It might seem trivial but if you can miss an error like that how many others might there be?


  2. homepaddock says:

    No wonder you’re so good in the weekly quiz with this eye for detail.


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