Making better use of Maori land

Maori own a lot of land which is underutilised.

Making better use of it would provide environmental, economic and social benefits for the owners and wider New Zealand.

2 Responses to Making better use of Maori land

  1. […] politics within each tribe or iwi have limited development and productivity of land, and that the government is trying to fix that: the minister of finance and the attorney general are both Catholic, and they do take teaching on […]

  2. JC says:

    For an example of how plural ownership can effect the land look no further than my wife’s family..

    It has powerful roots in Maoridom with above average knowledge of family trees and tikanga yet it is also a family that is widely dispersed and very integrated into the Pakeha world.. generally the family members are in above average income streams and have no great incentive to develop family land resources.

    And here’s the problem, family members living elsewhere with their Pakeha partners have a strong sentimental attachment to the land but none of the urgency to develop the land that local members feel.

    All round them Maori land development is occurring and some of that is dependent on family land being developed but there isn’t enough agreement to commit to this development.

    So, somewhat ironically it’s the Pakeha side of the family that is holding back development largely because of the sentimentality enhanced by distance and lack of economic necessity.. and I doubt this is an isolated situation.

    There *is* an answer.. if Maori land is deemed to be capable of economic development it should be rated, no ifs or buts.. that would force development or forfeiture of the land.. preferably to other more forward thinking Iwi.
    OK, maybe thats a pipe dream but its the system used for hundreds of years to force land owners to stop being squatters.


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