Recognition, healing and recompence

Another Waitangi Day approaches and protesters are out again and as usual they’ve got their blinkers on:

While anti-mining protesters are planning a torrid welcome for John Key at Waitangi tomorrow, the Prime Minister was close to receiving the cold shoulder from Te Tii Marae this year, Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua says. . .

Mr Taurua today confirmed the decision to allow Mr Key and other politicians to speak this year was only narrowly agreed.

Those opposed to Mr Key speaking believed the Treaty was not being honoured, he told the Herald.

“They only pick pieces of the Treaty when they want to and they don’t consult, they don’t talk to us about it and they just go ahead and make the process, for example the asset sales.”

Not honouring the treaty?

If he’d take off his blinkers and look at what has been achieved he’d no that’s not the reality as Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson shows:

Treaty settlements are as much about recognition and healing as they are about recompense. Settlements address our past and invest in a common future.

This work has been my responsibility as Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations since 2008. Good progress has been made to resolve historical grievances in that time.

After three years of steady acceleration, the government has now reached an unprecedented pace in the settlement of historic Treaty claims. This is a result of the government’s goal of reaching full and final settlements in a timely fashion, and a recognition that New Zealanders want to see these historical grievances settled so we can move on – as one country.

Take a look at our progress, as at December 12, 2013, below.



National has admitted it won’t reach its goal of all settlements completed this year, but it has made significant progress and will continue to do so.

It is determined to complete all the settlements so iwi can move from grievance to growth.

Ngai Tahu provides a wonderful example of what can be achieved in economic, social and environmental terms when they get a settlement and turn their attention to more positive endeavours than those the protesters at Waitangi waste their energy on.



39 Responses to Recognition, healing and recompence

  1. robertguyton says:

    Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua says the Government is not honouring the Treaty, and you indignantly claim he’s wrong?

    Classic, Ele.



  2. Quintin Hogg says:

    Well he would say that wouldn’t he.


  3. So you think only one party to the treaty should have a right to complain huh?


  4. robertguyton says:

    Euan – no, I don’t think that. I think that any affected party should be listened to, not dismissed as Ele has done.
    Quintin – why do you say that? Ele claim Ngai Tahu wouldn’t say that. What do you mean by your comment? Is it yet another example a reactive, dismissive comment? Seems so.


  5. Richard says:

    RG – Ele is writing about iwi settlements as a demonstration of what various Governments have achieved. Sir Doug Graham initiated the process; Tainui and Ngai Tahu.- setting the scene. Labour let the process linger.

    There are bags of issues that could be classified as under “The Treaty” depending on your view point; its a bit like the British Magna Carta way back in 1215 that has evolved over the centuries

    RG – Let us know how much you have earned as a result of the Ngai Tahu settlement.

    Ops. Sorry, getting off the topic just like RG


  6. robertguyton says:

    And in particular, Mr Taurua cites asset sales as an example where the Government (Key in particular) has dismissed Maori concerns and over-ridden the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi. Mr Taurua is certainly not the only person who’s pointed that out!


  7. Andrei says:

    Its all bullshit – how many lawyers have got fat and rich lining the pockets of Maori aristocrats by transferring resources and power into their hands through sophistry and selective rewriting of history?

    What’s the “healing” bullshit? We can feel sad about things that happened before we were born but we can’t change that they happened and in any case they are part of the chain of events that led to our very being and without them happening we would not have been born anyway,

    The stirring up of people over things that happened long ago, for political power or profit is the way of rogues and charlatans, the reality is everybody alive today on this planet are the descendants of people who were subject to atrocities but also the perpetrators of them, mostly the later though because like the Morioris (a genocide perpetrated by Maoris in within historical memory) the victims of many historical atrocities have left no descendants to whine about their fate decades or centuries after they occurred.

    There is only one way forward and that is to forge New Zealand into a nation and this is not the way to go about it


  8. robertguyton says:

    There are “bags of issues that could be classified under “The Treaty”. Mr Taurua alluded to some of them but his opinions have been dismissed here. What did he mean, do you think? I’m betting saying “National’s done a top-hole job, Mr Taurua”, wouldn’t answer his concerns, though Ele seems to believe that it should.


  9. robertguyton says:

    Do Maori think Key has honoured the Treaty with his sale of the energy assets?



  10. robertguyton says:

    Do Maori think Key has honoured the Treaty with his offering-up the coastline to foreign oil companies?

    NO (we’ll find out more about this later today).


  11. robertguyton says:

    John Key claims the Governer General was jostled by Maori at Waitangi but the Governer General says it never happened.
    What a divisive, irresponsible thing for Key to do! The Prime Minister, provoking disharmony between Maori and Pakeha by making inflammatory claims THAT AREN’T TRUE.

    What does that make Key?


  12. Richard says:

    Robert – please attribute the above quotes to me in full

    And, off topic I know:

    “RG – Let us know how much you have earned as a result of the Ngai Tahu settlement.

    I risk being banned from the site but I will take my punishment


  13. robertguyton says:

    Ele might ban you for off-topic questions?


  14. Captain Fantastic says:

    I am curious. There were two party’s to the treaty of waitangi. What were/are the obligations of the Crown, and are they being honoured today? Do they need to be? What are they obligations of the Maori, and are they being honoured today. Do they need to be? I am curious and not a lawyer. Are Maori obliged to accept the law, and NZ governance? Both party’s have obligations. Just what are they? I am curious?


  15. robertguyton says:

    Ask Mr Taurua and his people. They know the answers to your question and the issues around the Treaty of Waitangi in depth.


  16. homepaddock says:

    Robert @10:16 – The question the journalist asked gave the wrong information, only those suffering from Key Derangement Syndrome would blame him for responding the way he did to the information he was given.

    @ 10:35 – I haven’t banned anyone yet.


  17. robertguyton says:

    The Prime Minister of New Zealand makes a false accusation that inflames ill-feeling between Maori and Pakeha during a celebration of our partnership but it’s not his fault.

    A journalist is to blame.

    How very Key.

    How very National.

    The Prime Minister doesn’t take responsibility for his statements then? What interesting times we live in – black is white and day is night.


  18. jabba says:

    it seems that way ERT


  19. Captain Fantastic says:

    Free advice to Robert Guyton from The Eagles. Probably still get it on YouTube. Its called “Get Over It”.


  20. robertguyton says:

    Helen Clark makes a false, accusatory claim on national radio –

    John Key makes a false, accusatory claim on national radio –

    *Cue Simon and Garfunkle – Sound of Silence


  21. homepaddock says:

    Responding to information you’re given with an opinion on it isn’t a false claim.

    When it became clear the information given was incorrect:

    Mr Key later released a statement clarifying that his use of the word jostling was based on media reports and direct assertions from media that the Governor-General had been jostled.

    “It’s obvious from media reports some kind of situation occurred and regardless of what happened exactly, it’s unfortunate the Governor-General’s arrival was overshadowed by this.”


  22. jabba says:

    don’t let the facts stop bOb .. he is on a roll with his liberal use of the truth again.
    Time for your afternoon nap bOb.
    Anyone who saw the news, saw some pushing and shoving that looked pretty nasty .. I guess if that is tradition then fine.


  23. JC says:

    “Responding to information you’re given with an opinion on it isn’t a false claim.”

    No. But its becoming clear that race baiting is going to be a feature of the Greens political scene this election year and foot soldier RG is giving you that message loud and clear.



  24. robertguyton says:

    Nonsense, Ele. A Prime Minister, making claims publicly that would create disharmony, SHOULD HAVE CHECKED HIS FACTS before opening his gob. It’s his responsibility NOT to create disharmony by his words and actions. He was irresponsible in mouthing off without checking first.
    If David Cunliffe had said such a thing and it was then denied by the Governer General, you’d be all over it (“Tricky” Cunliffe lies to public!!!”) and you know it. This time, it was your man, so you’ve gone into defense mode (someone else is to blame!).
    JC and jabba – your comments don’t have enough substance to qualify for a response – I’m reminded of foam on an effluent pond.


  25. JC says:

    Its easy to see what you’re attempting.. stoke racial and class hatred so you can regurgitate selected comments on your own blog and to your Green pals for further dissemination.



  26. Andrei says:

    The disharmony was created long before Mr Key entered the fray, Robert Guyton – most people are well over it, every Waitangi day the same old, same old.


  27. blokeinauckland says:

    Gee, I stepped out for a few moments and I see the mouth of Riverton is back with his bile and biliousness. I actually like this blog but I do dislike the tone and disharmony that comes with his entrance. Pity he doesn’t spend the time fixing his decrepit trailer yacht.


  28. robertguyton says:

    JC – those comments are really odd-ball. Are you Key’s script-writer?


  29. robertguyton says:

    Yes, Andrei, it was but Key inflamed it and that shouldn’t be his purpose. A mature and responsible Prime Minister would think and check before issuing statements that provoke disharmony.
    You know he was irresponsible in this instance, but go ahead and defend the indefensible by pointing over there and over there!


  30. robertguyton says:

    “I do dislike the tone and disharmony…bile and biliousness…his decrepit trailer yacht…”

    I wonder if you can self-reflect, bloke?


  31. Roger Barton says:

    I’m with you Robert.
    “Give me back my flag!”
    The bleat of a statesman if ever I heard one.


  32. jabba says:

    “JC and jabba – your comments don’t have enough substance to qualify for a response” .. what a muppet, that is a response bOb, oh well


  33. jabba says:

    I can only assume that his bbbbbbbb blog is boring him so he hunts down Elle to download on NZ’s best ever PM and newby Colin Craig.


  34. robertguyton says:

    Roger – you’ll enjoy this comment left on my blog today.
    “The next thing I’m interested in is the date of the election. I’m certain that National won’t be re-elected, so the question becomes “which date leaves them in the best position to form a decent opposition?”


  35. TraceyS says:

    I rather enjoyed the comment left on your blog which likened flags to gang patches. Noticed you didn’t disagree Robert, so it’s “give me back my gang patch”….to some green supporters at least.


  36. TraceyS says:

    In watching the flag episode I felt genuinely sorry for Norman. He showed a child-like vulnerability which, while endearing, is not an ideal leadership characteristics for anyone near the top.


  37. TraceyS says:

    Ah, just checked and saw that the quote was from someone who many times commented here, but, in spite of lurking in the shadows of a pseudonym, no longer has the resolve to do so.

    If AC wanted to comment here then he would. Direct quotes should be attributed, Robert, even if it is to a pseudonym!


  38. robertguyton says:

    Check out the John Key “mincing” video, Tracey.
    It’s majestically.


  39. jabba says:

    has bOb got a yacht .. wow, time to join the right wing bOb you sly little rich prick you.


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