English to step down as Feds CE

Conor English has announced he’ll be stepping down from the role of chief executive of Federated Farmers.

. . . “In July this year, I would have been at Federated Farmers for six years as Chief Executive Officer, which, I believe, is a good length of time. Along with the almost three and a half years I worked at Feds in the 1990s, my total time at Feds is almost 10 years! 

“I am very proud of what the whole Federated Farmers team has achieved over that time. 

“I grew up in a household that talked a lot about the three “P’s” – the Prime Minister, the Pope and the President of Federated Farmers. 

That’s a great line, and not altogether said in jest.

It has been a great privilege for me to lead this organisation in the capacity of CEO and to serve our fantastic farmers and rural community.

“2014 will be a year of change and excitement for me,” Mr English said.

The President of Federated Farmers, Bruce Wills, commented:

“We have reluctantly accepted Conor’s resignation and appreciate him giving us six months notice of his departure to enable a smooth transition to a new Chief Executive,” Bruce Wills said.

“Conor has achieved much in his time as CEO and we will miss his energy, talent, skill and experience. . .

“This year is a big year for Federated Farmers with both our own internal board elections and of course the General Election.

 It will be a year of major change with this resignation and Wills and several board members stepping down at the AGM.

Will and English have been good leaders for the organisation.

They’ve worked hard to build bridges and find common ground with all sorts of other groups and individuals, without compromising the best interests of farmers and the wider rural community for whom they’ve been strong advocates.

They will leave the organisation in good heart.

One Response to English to step down as Feds CE

  1. Captain Fantastic says:

    Tossing a hat for Clutha-Southland. What could be more exciting than that?


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