Hypocrisy nothing to do with race

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei is accusing East Coast MP and Police Minister Anne Tolley of racism after remarks in parliament yesterday.

. . . Speaking during the debate on the Prime Minister John Key’s opening statement to Parliament, Tolley said she was insulted by Green Party claims that she was out of touch.

She said said her role as an electorate MP included meetings with constituents who were among the poorest in the country.

“I’m actually insulted to be lectured about how out of touch I am with average New Zealand by a list MP who has no constituents, lives in a castle and comes to the House in $2000 designer jackets and tells me I’m out of touch,” Tolley said. . .

Asked about Tolley’s comments, Turei said racism was behind the attack.

“I’m shocked that the National Party would attack me and my home and my appearance. I think it is a racist attack,” she said.

“I think they seem to think it is all right for them to wear perfectly good suits for their professional job but that a Maori woman from a working-class background is not entitled to do the same. I think it is pure racism.” . .


She was being criticised for hypocrisy, her race had nothing to do with it.

Opposition MPs, and the left in general,  like to think they are champions of the poor and the only ones who understand poverty.

What they don’t understand is that many on the right have been poor but they’ve done something about it.

Two excellent speeches in parliament this week provided very good examples of that.

One from one of the longest serving MPs, Act’s John Banks, the other from National’s newest MP, Joanne Hayes.

43 Responses to Hypocrisy nothing to do with race

  1. Neil says:

    HP I agree with you. Turei is a featherweight person who appeals to the worst of people. She is an example of the “freeloading” Green Party who tell you what to do and they act differently.
    Turei dresses extravagantly, hardly the sign of a working class champion
    There needs to be a low key education campaign against the Greens.
    I just cannot understand Labour/Greens who have made no useful contribution to the economic debate, except for the regressive Capital Gains tax.


  2. robertguyton says:

    The Greens say Tolley is out of touch with her poorer constituents, so Tolley criticises Metiria Turei’s home and clothing and you feel that Turei is at fault, Ele???

    Good God.


  3. robertguyton says:

    Neil, the quality of your comments has taken a dive of late, into a shallow anti-Green bog.
    You sound like an embittered old curmudgeon.


  4. Andrei says:

    Well Robert Guyton, the Green party is not only out of touch with their constituents and can be easily seen by the number of votes they attract in their own electorates but they are also out of touch with reality.

    Metiria Turei could not even muster 20% of the votes in her doctorate and came third out of all the candidates, Even worse the Green party vote was higher than her pitiful tally. phtt

    I watched another of your pitiful MPs in action yesterday engage in utter foolishness in Parliament, One Jan Logie who moved that “the House wish our athletes competing in the Winter Olympics in Sochi well, and note Russia’s recent passing of anti homosexual legislation, and ask the New Zealand Government to urge other governments and the Winter Olympics Organising Committee to protect the rights of all people in Russia regardless of their sexual orientation”.

    And I’m am prepared to bet this dura if asked could not name one member of the team going to Sochi, nor what discipline they are to compete in.

    But of course this motion was not about wishing a sports team well but to posture in parliament over so called “gay rights”.

    And this is because this foolish old maid, who won her seat in Parliament in a Christmas cracker (because nobody voted her in and that’s a fact) actually thinks that she knows better how to bring up Russian children than their Russian parents and their elected representatives do.



  5. robertguyton says:

    Well, Andrei, your comments are beyond ridiculous and into the ‘entrenched prejudice’ zone. You oppose the rights of homosexuals and let that colour your anti-Green world view to the extent that you can’t see clearly. When Jan Logie speaks out in favour of an oppressed minority, you name-call, ” foolish old maid”, showing that you operate at the same level as Tolley, Ele and Neil – ad hominem attacks. It’s the Way of the Right and as my letter to the editor warned, the method that is being increasingly employed by a pinched and bitter Rightwing.


  6. robertguyton says:

    John Key, $5 million Hawaiian mansion and all, can express his concern for the poor and not be accused of hypocrisy???
    Give us a break from your blinkered fawning, Ele.
    Was John Key ever poor?
    According to the Rightwing, there are no poor in New Zealand.
    Contradiction much.


  7. Andrei says:

    Was John Key ever poor?

    Yes he was – he grew up in a state house raised by a widowed mother

    And he is a real credit to her


  8. Andrei says:

    It doesn’t occur to you Robert Guyton that the laws of the Russian Federation. even those that pertain to the welfare of minors are a matter for the citizens of the Russian Federation to determine and not a matter for a worse than mediocre back bench list MP from New Zealand, one who cannot even muster up 8% of the voters in her own electorate to vote for her.

    This ridiculous woman doesn’t even have a mandate from the voters of Mana let alone one from the inhabitants of Rostov-on-Don to determine what children should be taught and at what age.


  9. Andrei says:

    Care to explain this nuttiness Robert Guyton?

    UN inquiry highlights NZ’s shameful human rights record


  10. homepaddock says:

    Robert: Do you have a source for “the Rightwing” which implies a group, saying there is no poverty?

    I have heard some people argue there is no absolute poverty in NZ because of welfare. I can’t recall anyone saying there is no poverty at all.

    Many, probably most, National MPs came from modest or poor backgrounds, including John Key. But you don’t have to be, or have been, poor to express concern for or understand poverty.

    You will have a much better idea on ideas which work to get people out of poverty if you’ve done it yourself as many of the National caucus, and the party’s members, have.


  11. robertguyton says:

    He was a child. Was he poor because he wasn’t earning?
    Was his mother poor, by Paula Bennett’s measuring – hang on! This National Government doesn’t have any measurement system for poverty!!!
    John Key was never poor.


  12. robertguyton says:

    More ad hom from you, Andrei.
    Are New Zealand politicians banned from commenting on human rights issues outside of this country?
    Are they???



  13. robertguyton says:

    Ele. Your beloved National Party has quite effectively argued that there is no poverty in New Zealand and that those who argue that there is, are just making it up.
    But now we are to believe that John Key was poor.
    Poor John.


  14. robertguyton says:

    Various comments on Tolley’s spiteful behaviour:
    bad12 said:

    “This is a great laugh, anyone wanting to know the genesis of the fight between Tolley and Metiria only need cast their minds back to a RadioNZ National pre-election debate in 2011 where tired of Tolley’s puerile interjections while She was trying to make Her point Mets let go a blast at Tolley that resembled nicely many of the power tools i have working at full capacity,

    That shut Tolley’s mouth for the remainder of the debate and hardened Slippery the Prime Minister’s resolve to give Tolley the kick from the education portfolio, since then Tolley, septic at the best of times, has had a huge hate on for Metiria which dwarfs the usual Tory hate for the Green Party by a country mile,

    Metiria is simply playing Tolley like a fish, Collins a slow swimmer has just decided to make it a ‘school’ and anyone thinking that Metiria Turei need ‘harden up’ is deluded,

    The longer Metiria can make Tolley and now Collins spit venom the better, ‘wing-nuts’ everywhere are of course going to leap about with glee in the belief that Tolley/Collins are giving Mets a serve, Party members like myself are going to watch this quietly laughing because we know that young born to rule National Party voters with a strong ecological/conservationist leaning are going to hear this vicious rubbish being spewed by Tolley/Collins and quietly think to themselves,like they did in droves last election, yeah why not follow my heart and give the Green Party a vote…”


  15. robertguyton says:

    greywarbler reports:

    Marlborough Express reported and also had this –
    >It is not the first time National MPs have attacked Turei’s choice of clothing. Justice Minister Judith Collins said last year on Twitter that a speech by Turei was “vile, wrong and ugly, just like her jacket today”.

    tarting to see a pattern here – how about you, Ele?


  16. jabba says:

    you are a weird person bOb .. you are full of it. Metiria is an idiaot and the day she out scores Collins or Tolley is when hell freezes over …. mmmmmm, maybe that is where you are hanging your hat. The fact your MPs are so good in your funny little mind is the reason nobody takes you seriously.


  17. robertguyton says:

    Michele A’Court ‏@MicheleACourt

    Today I am dressing like @metiria Turei. By which I mean “appropriately for my job”. #DressLikeMetiria


  18. robertguyton says:

    jo ‏@jofromgreylynn

    According to Tolley you can’t be a supporter of the poor and wear expensive clothes.


  19. robertguyton says:

    Rob Salmond ‏@rsalmond

    Hey @JudithCollinsMP, remember to tell Paula Bennett that ladies-with-expensive-clothes can’t talk about poverty! http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/9670970/Collins-jumps-in-racist-clothes-fight


  20. robertguyton says:

    Clint Smith ‏@ClintVSmith

    Judith Collins – National’s next leader – decides the best use of her time on a $250k public salary is to insult other female MPs’ clothes


  21. robertguyton says:

    CarrieStoddart-Smith ‏@Ellipsister

    so @metiria cant talk poverty bcos clothes, @jacindaardern cant talk kids bcos not mum, but @johnkeypm CAN talk economy bcos mansion? #fml””

    Funny, init!


  22. robertguyton says:

    That’ll be quite enough for now, I think.


  23. jabba says:

    the pills bOb, take them PLEASE


  24. TraceyS says:

    If Anne Tolley is a racist for referring to Metiria Turei’s castle, why then is Robert Guyton, by the same definition, not a racist (sexist, ageist, or whatever-ist) for referring to John Key’s holiday home?

    Robert, if you don’t like it then perhaps you should consider being a better role-model yourself. Either tidy up your own act or suck it up. Otherwise you risk looking a bit silly.

    I’m just letting you know that I don’t like name-calling at all and don’t ever want to feel tempted to join in. Calling someone a “racist” is name-calling.

    The way to address low standards such as name-calling is to rise above it and hope that everyone else follows. This requires confidence in your own leadership abilities. Maybe you need to work on that?


  25. robertguyton says:

    I didn’t say that Anne Tolley is a racist for referring to Metiria’s home or clothing.
    Tracey, instructing me to be a better role model is ridiculous.
    I’m not a Member of Parliament, nor are my actions widely reported in the media. Both Tolley and now Collins have acted like spiteful school-girls toward another MP, Metiria Turei, with their ad hom attacks on her home and her clothing. Perhaps you feel that’s okay. Most likely you think it’s okay for female Tory MPs in John Key’s Government, but I don’t think it’s appropriate behaviour.
    Did Metiria criticise the clothes of Tolley or Colins?
    Well, Tracey? Did she?
    Spit! Spat!
    These are our role models – our leaders.


  26. robertguyton says:

    Marlborough Express had this –
    “It is not the first time National MPs have attacked Turei’s choice of clothing. Justice Minister Judith Collins said last year on Twitter that a speech by Turei was “vile, wrong and ugly, just like her jacket today”.

    Starting to see a pattern here – how about you, Tracey?


  27. JC says:

    “Starting to see a pattern here – how about you, Tracey?”

    She sure will..

    To date you have made 17 of a total of 26 posts on this item.. thats classic cyber bullying behaviour designed to kill off any discussion not favourable to your trolls.. which is why you are banned on various blogs.



  28. TraceyS says:

    Freedom is the way out of poverty. This includes freedom of speech. For me, personally, I recognise that ‘freedom of association’ (circa 1991) was a critical first move out of relative poverty.

    I would never reprimand someone for speaking their mind even if that included trivial criticisms of me personally. The resulting recursion does nothing for anyone in disadvantaged circumstances. Preciousness, as seen in this example, indicates a position (and understanding) of advantage rather than disadvantage.

    People are free to speak their minds and others are free to ignore them and vice versa. You can’t get much better than that, even if what you hear sometimes stings, because some way down the track it will be you wanting to speak your mind freely.


  29. TraceyS says:

    “I’m not a Member of Parliament, nor are my actions widely reported in the media.”

    It matters not one whit that you are not an MP. You go out of your way to have your view reported in the media as witnessed by self-posting letters to the Southland Times. Indeed, you seem proud of your appearance in the media, often thanking the newspaper for publication. And good on you too for being proud. The ability to speak freely is marvellous.

    Now if you could just be totally honest, with us here and with yourself, that would be such an improvement.


  30. robertguyton says:

    Each of the examples I’ve provided is designed to stimulate debate but there was none as Tolley and Colins have clearly made fools of themselves.
    Cyber bullying! Nonsense. If I’d been attacking an individual commenter, yes, but I wasn’t, was I JC.


  31. robertguyton says:

    Nonsense, Tracey. If I say Paula Bennett is a hypocrite for wearing expensive suits at the same time claiming she feels for the poor, it won’t be widely reported in the media. When Tolley and Colins say it of Metiria, it is. You seems practiced at constructing nonsense arguments.


  32. Paranormal says:

    Nope – listening to the Green coleader bleat n Stat Radio last night it was quite apparent she is a shallow venal thing. She has most definitely made a fool of herself with her ‘racist’ name calling. The interviewer asked some subtle questions that were answered with pure bluster. A complete fool.


  33. TraceyS says:

    It is being reported widely in the media because of Metiria’s reaction. The media loves extremes wouldn’t you agree?

    Your last sentence suggests that you are not of a mind to “stimulate debate” as you said to JC.

    I will reiterate; please be honest with us Robert. It is fundamental to a good debate.

    While I don’t think the comments on Metiria’s clothing were particularly important, they are at least, honest.


  34. TraceyS says:

    Robert, like you, I buy many of my clothes second-hand. My reasons are many and varied. To be honest poverty is not one of them. But it was for my mother.

    As a kid we would pull up outside the Op Shop in St Andrew St. My mother would dive in and out quickly as if hoping not to be seen. She was ashamed at having to do this. It stuck with me. So overcoming this is important and I can achieve it, in part, by buying and wearing second-hand clothes with my head held high.

    My mother and I grew up in completely different circumstances. She was raised in an upper-middle class existence which changed abruptly when as a young adult the family business was lost. I grew up in a lower-working class existence and never knew excesses. So now I can take or leave them and also feel good within a range of different choices (one of the many advantages to having grown up ‘disadvantaged’).

    Occasionally I might buy something more expensive. Now if someone criticised that choice, even publicly, would it make me feel bad? No way!

    It is sad that Metiria feels offended that her expensive clothes have been criticised. She should be able to hold her head high and say “I can afford them and I deserve them”. But that would be exhibiting values from the wrong end of the political spectrum and I suppose that wouldn’t be acceptable to the Green Party of its voters. This is sad for Metiria. She should be able to dress in expensive clothes in her role if she so choses.


  35. jabba says:

    you say Tolley and Collins act like spiteful school-girls attacking Turei and her home .. mmmmm, so that must mean you act like a spiteful school-boy regarding John Key and his home in Hawaii??


  36. robertguyton says:

    You are implying that I’m being dishonest, Tracey.
    Despicable of you, that.


  37. TraceyS says:

    Every time, (and no doubt there have been many) where you emphasised to a class of children the importance of honesty, were you suggesting that anyone among them was dishonest?

    Only you will know if you truly come here with the intention for healthy and robust debate. But saying things like “you seem practiced at constructing nonsense arguments” without any explanation or evidence to support your assertion gives me reason enough to suspect that you do not.


  38. robertguyton says:

    Tracey said:
    “I will reiterate; please be honest with us Robert. It is fundamental to a good debate.”

    You are implying that I’m being dishonest, Tracey.
    Despicable of you, that.


  39. robertguyton says:

    Frankly Speaking…

    “When National ministers indulge in such petty, vindictive, and patently childish behaviour, what they are really telling the country is that they don’t give a rat’s arse about increasing child poverty in New Zealand; about high unemployment; and that young New Zealanders have been locked out of the housing market because of this government’s hopeless policies.

    In effect, we’re paying National Party wannabee-leader, Judith Collins, and Anne Tolley, $268,500 per year, plus generous allowances and perks plus a gold-plated superannuation scheme (that few other New Zealanders are entitled to) – to make snarky school-girl/boy comments about a person’s clothing.

    Facebook user, Maria Sherwood, made this absolutely brilliant suggestion,

    “If I was Metiria, to make a point, I would wear sackcloth and ashes when Parliament resumes the week after next. She will be asked to leave, as it is not dress becoming an MP, but her point will be made. Come on Metiria, stand up and show those hard-faced cows what’s what.”

    That would send a powerful message to National MPs who have seemingly lost touch with New Zealanders and the many different problems they face in the daily course of their lives.”


  40. jabba says:

    yet another disgusting post from resident troll Robert Guyton. The personal attacks are bad enough but the rank hyporacy is stunning


  41. robertguyton says:

    (I hope you are enjoying these comments I’ve collected for your reading pleasure from across the blogosphere and are getting a sense of how unhelpful the attacks by Tolley and Collins have been to the National Party)

    JK said:

    JK 9.1.2
    1 February 2014 at 10:17 pm
    “This sort of negative malice towards leftie women is just so typical of Nat “cats” – they’ll do anything they can to bring a strong woman down in public. They did it with Helen Clark, now they’re doing it to Metiria Turei. But they won’t succeed – they’re only making themselves look extremely silly and petty. Not pretty. Petty !”


  42. TraceyS says:

    Do you remember questioning Mr E’s honesty? “you could be Colin Craig or Winston Peters…” or something to that effect.

    Your expectations of others are higher than of yourself, see the pattern here? I do.


  43. robertguyton says:

    That doesn’t read like an apology at all.
    Try again.


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