Issues that matter

He’s referring to Labour MP David Clark’s suggestion that the government bans Facebook.

Perhaps Andrei is right and Labour is trying to throw the election.


One Response to Issues that matter

  1. AngryTory says:

    I really don’t know how many times I have to keep repeating this – the results of the election are simply not in doubt.

    After the election, only one party will have the moral right to form a new government: National. There is absolutely no precedent in New Zealand law for the overwhelmingly largest party not forming the government – and National will be the overwhelmingly largest party. Any government not lead by National will be seen as illigitimate by a large fraction of New Zealanders — and in particular, an overwhelming majority of taxpayers.

    Now sure Key didn’t play the referendum well — either (as Matthew Hooten suggested) going all out for non-proportional Supplementary Member, or (as everyone else suggested) reducing the MMP threshold to 4% or better still 3% (which would have guarantee a National/Conservative majority).

    But whatever the final arithmetic, we can already be sure of one thing: National will be the largest party by far, and only National will have the mandate to form a legitimate government.


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