Generation Lamb

Australian Lambassador Sam Kekovich does it again for Australia Day:

SAM Kekovich is about to hit our TV screens again with his annual Australia Day Address to the Nation, his 10th year in a row as “Lambassador”.

In the past he has launched a music video, set out on “dip-lamb-attic” missions to encourage the rest of the world “to be more Australian” and sparked a trans-Tasman furore over his remarks about New Zealand’s former prime minister.

This year he breaks with entertainment convention and is working with both animals and children when he is seen thrusting a lamb chop into the hands of a child or “Generation Lamb” in an irreverent ad which also features a swipe at the remaining original Wiggle and a giant baby crushing a vegan barbecue. . .

A decade down the track Kekovich still takes the campaign with a grain of salt – and maybe a touch of pepper and some tomato sauce.

“I’ve always been fighting the good fight for lamb, there is no doubt about that,” said the former Australian Rules footballer on Thursday. . .

2 Responses to Generation Lamb

  1. Gravedodger says:

    AAH such temptations Ele.

    Lamb is soo good but soooo expensive to purchase

    My greatest regret after exiting the industry 13 years ago is my challenged access to such culinary seductions.

    Fortunately sufficient connections remain to access the sublime product but still marvel at the churn cost additions in a butchers window.
    Legs, loins, french racks, even colonial goose!!.
    Oh and did I mention a seriously addicted swmbo.

    Dont even mention the shanks that were not even charged for in earlier days, the leg was weighed, priced and then the shank tossed in during wrapping. Similar with tongues, kidneys, livers, sweatbreads.
    Neck chop stews, gotta stop drooling

    Our first job had a quarter of mutton pw included in the remuneration package, a little naive in that the dirty stinking boss took hind quarters and we got fores. Great lifes lessons though, both with negotiating subsequent contracts and in learning the arts of converting all the meat from our 1/4 into seven days of meals, often two a day from that resource.


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