Saturday’s smiles

A woman couldn’t find her wallet at the check out so started pulling everything out of her handbag.

The shop assistant watched without comment as a packet of tissues, keys, comb, lipstick, notebook, pens and other bits and pieces piled up on the counter.

Then the shopper pulled out a television remote control.

“Why did you bring that to the supermarket? the shop assistant asked.

“My husband keeps saying he’ll take a turn at cleaning up the living room but never does. I figured this was the best way to motivate him to do it,” the shopper said.

3 Responses to Saturday’s smiles

  1. jabba says:

    My wife said I should help the environment rather than being on my computer all day.

    So I emptied my recycling bin.

  2. jabba says:

    “According to a new U.N. report, the global warming outlook is much worse than originally predicted. Which is pretty bad when they originally predicted it would destroy the planet.” –Jay Leno

  3. jabba says:

    “Barbra Streisand told Diane Sawyer that we’re in a global warming crisis, and we can expect more and more intense storms, droughts and dust bowls. But before they act, weather experts say they’re still waiting to hear from Celine Dion.” –Jay Leno

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