No bang, just recycled whimper

Labour and its leader finished 2013 having made no real progress in the polls in months.

They’d said and done nothing to excite people as they headed on holiday making it essential that they started the year with a bang.

Instead of that Cunliffe delivered a recycled whimper.

Whoever came up with this strategy needs to do some serious rethinking.

All it’s done is put the focus on policies which failed three years ago, remind us Cunliffe was the Finance spokesman when they were developed, and provide the opportunity to question the party’s grasp of economics.

2 Responses to No bang, just recycled whimper

  1. inventory2 says:

    Yet when David Cunliffe comments on John Key’s reshuffle on Tuesday, he trotted out the “same old same old” comment. Has he had a look at his own caucus lately?


  2. Gravedodger says:

    The Caucus photo c 2008 will be hung on the wall of his New Lynn office, I guess that’l do,


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